Want a Fresh Sexy Look For Summer? Start By Going Blonde!

A century has passed from Marilyn’s blonde curls to Gisele’s beach babe highlights; blonde has stood the test of time in being the trait of choice in sexy attractive women, and has long been the default hair color option for Hollywood celebs.

1.Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

2.Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly



4.Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen

5.Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Are You Ready To Be A Blonde?

For starters, you need to ask yourself if you’re ready to join the Blondetourage. Let’s talk about what it takes to become a blonde.

blonde girl

Damage – Going lighter in hair color will naturally lead to some damage to your hair. If your hair is healthy, and the lightening process is done correctly and slowly, you can safely go lighter over time. But even so, there will most likely be some sort of minimal damage to your hair.

damaged blonde

Time – Be prepared to be in the salon for several hours every 4-6 weeks at the beginning. No stylist is supposed to take your hair from dark to light in one session. If you’re going light, let your salon know beforehand so they can schedule enough time for you.

Patience – it takes time to achieve the desired blondeness of your choice. Have patience with your stylist and keep in mind that you might have to live with an “in between” color, which should still be a pretty color, for a few weeks before getting your desired results.

miracles take time

Money – Being blonde is high maintenance, which may not be suited for everyone. If you are going from brunette to blonde, you will need several appointments about every 4-6 weeks before your desired color is achieved (not to mention the touch-ups and hair products required to keep your blonde hair looking good and healthy)!

Things To Watch Out For Before Entering The Blonde Family

After deciding whether you are ready for the blonde lifestyle, let’s talk about how to get there safely and successfully.

blonde girl

No DIY -Always go to a pro who knows how to safely make your hair light. Trying to go blonde by yourself is a big no-no since it can cause breakage and lead to unwanted brassiness.
Prepare for your salon visit – Apply good products to your hair to have it in the best possible condition. Come with clean, dry hair on the day of your visit so that your stylist can see your natural color.
1st Visit – Depending on your hair history and how dark your hair is, your stylist will most likely start your first appointment by doing highlights all over. They will artistically choose what to lighten.

blonde dyeing before and after

2nd & 3rd Visit – Over your next few visits your stylist will strategically highlight the darker pieces out of your hair each time. As you can see from photos two and three above. Your hair should get lighter and lighter each time!

Hair Color Choices For The Blonde-to-be

Once your desired color is achieved and you’ve come to the conclusion that blondes have more fun…it’s time to schedule highlight touch-ups. You can play with lowlights, or different hues of blonde.

blonde color categories

Here are the three basic blonde color categories as inspiration for hair coloring ideas when you go to the salon.

Light Blonde Hair Color Shades: platinum blonde hair color, light ash blonde hair color, natural blonde hair color…

Light Blonde Hair Color Shades

Medium Blonde Hair Color Shades: dirty blonde hair color, honey blonde hair color, bronze creamy blonde hair color…

Medium Blonde Hair Color Shades

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades: brownish blonde (bronde) hair color, cherry blonde hair color, caramel blonde hair color…

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

Tips On How To Select Your Custom Color

Consider your skin tone. Are you fair, medium, or dark skinned? Your skin tone affects the way your hair looks when you go blonde.

skin tone

Eye color matters when selecting the best blonde hair color for you. Some shades of blonde are best with blue, green, or hazel eyes, while other blonde hues look best with big brown or black eyes.

Eye color matters

Keep Up With Your Blondetourage

Now that you have become a blondie, there’s something you need to know to make your new blonde hair flawless for as long as possible.

blonde hair

Use Haircare Products – This is the cornerstone for keeping your blonde hair looking in perfect condition. We recommend Gold Lust line from Oribe. Use this every day to keep your hair healthy during and after the process!

Gold Lust line from Oribe

Use a Purple Shampoo – A purple shampoo is a must for your new blonde hair. Use it once a week to cut out yellow tones, and to keep your hair bright and beautiful. Here we recommend Bright Blonde Shampoo from Oribe.

Bright Blonde Shampoo from Oribe.

Shampoo Less – Make your color last longer by shampooing less! Use a dry shampoo to help you blow dry less. Our recommendation here goes to the PHD Dry Shampoo from Living Proof.

PHD Dry Shampoo from Living Proof