Up Your Sext Game with These 25 Steamy Examples

Imagine this: the candy boy you had a crush on just texts you “Hi babe, I’m wondering what you are wearing now…” You can instantly understand that he is sexting, but you’re so nervous and send back one word without thinking: “Pants”. Oops! This is the end of conversation and your romance with him.

sexting ideas

Sexting is not a fresh word to us, right? We can easily list out a bunch of merits of it, like heightening intimacy, increasing the joy of life and setting fire to your sexual relationship. All in all, sexting plays a considerably important role in our romantic life. BUT, we’ve received loads of complaints recently from girls grumbling about the difficulty of sexting. Thus, the key problem turns out to be: HOW SHOULD YOU SEXT? Here we have gathered 25 lines of super-hot sexting examples for you. Try them out! We bet you will thank this article later.

sexting ideas

Some Prep-Talk Before Sexting

To be honest, it has never been an easy task to drive a man’s desire and make him want you so badly. Hence, practice is necessary especially for those shy and nervous girls. In addition, you also need to know these things before sexting.

1. Above all, be yourself. Sexting is actually similar to real sex, the pivotal purpose is to pleasure yourself. So, pretending to be someone else is basically a BAD idea. Just be yourself and don’t text words that you are not going to use in real life.

be yourself

2. You might feel a bit uncomfortable as a freshman initially. It’s totally fine to feel a little awkward or even shameful when you try sexting the first few times. No need to worry, it’s simply the “stepping out of your comfort-zone theory”. Just push yourself lightly once a time, and you will explore a whole new world.

no need to worry about sending sexts

3. Long-distance is not the prerequisite of sexting. Surely we know that sexting is a great choice for a long distance relationship or when your partner is in a different place. But that’s not the rule. Why can’t you sext him when he sits right beside you reading a book? Isn’t it inciting?

long-distance is not the prerequisite of sexting

4. It’s gonna be fun! Well, no more explanation. It’s just gonna be SUPER FUN!

sexting is gonna be fun

Five Types Of Classic Sexting Examples

Type #1: Fantasy

fantasy sexting ideas

1. I had a naughty dream last night about you pulling my hair and spanking me.
2. It’s so hot thinking about you touching yourself when I’m naked.
3. I’m picturing you tying me up and whipping me slightly.
4. I’m watching a movie which makes me have some very dirty thoughts about you. If you were here we might make some of them true.
5. I’m dying to find out whether you are as good IRL as you are in my fantasies.

Type #2: Previews

previews sexting ideas

6. I’m going to make you beg for me tonight.
7. Tonight, let me take care of you. We are going to make it so slow and I’m going to scream.
8. Can’t wait to see you tonight, and I’m going to let you do anything you want to me.
9. Are you going to give me a really hard time tonight?
10. Are you off duty? I’m lying on bed wearing my little black thong waiting for someone.

Type #3: Compliments

compliments sexting ideas

11. You always make me wet within seconds.
12. Before I spent last night with you, I’ve never felt so attracted by someone.
13. It always feels so good when you are inside me.
14. The top three hottest things on earth are: your eyes, your waist, and your …I think you know what the 3 dots mean here.
15. Every time I see you I just want to be naked with you.

Type #4: Request

request sexting ideas

16. I need you to get inside of me right now.
17. I want you to ravage and tease me until I can’t take it anymore.
18. Take your pants off and put it in my mouth.
19. Tell me which part of my body you want to masturbate for most.
20. I want you to shove me onto your bed and tear my clothes off.

Type #5: Past Memories

past memories sexting ideas

21. Remember what you did to me against the kitchen counter last time? Do it again.
22. It’s really weird that all I can think about right now is what you did to me last night.
23. Last night was so passionate that I want you to do it again.
24. Just thinking about what we did in lib yesterday makes me want to scream.
25. I miss the way you talk when you made me come last night.

Bonus Tips FYI

Sometimes, you might need some word play to rephrase your texts to sexts. Here’s the inspiration we edit for you from Samanthe Beck, a romance novelist.

sexting tips

1. Original Text: “I wish you were here.”
Sexy Sext: “I missed waking up in your arms this morning.”
2. Original Text: “I want to have sex with you.”
Sexy Sext: “I want to get you alone in the supply closet.”
3. Original Text: “Are you turned on?”
Sexy Sext: “Would you prefer I rub you down on the couch and climb on top of you, or would you prefer I back you up against the kitchen counter and go at you from there?”
4. Original Text: “Missing you.”
Sexy Sext: “I was five minutes late to my meeting this morning because I couldn’t get you out of my head.”

For now, you must have grasped some skills for sexting, right? So back to the “what you are wearing now?” question, we also prepared an answer for your reference: “Just got out of the shower, and trying to pick between my white lace dress or little black thong.” Well, sexting is not simply sending nudes, we’d rather say it’s a kind of art. Just let your imagination go wild and create your own artwork. In the end, HAPPY SEXTING!