This Easy Waterfall Braid Tutorial Will Make You Popular All Over Pinterest

As we can see, braids never go out of style. And among all those varying types of braids, we are always chasing a fresher and even more delicate one. That’s why we love WATERFALL BRAIDS so much: it’s chic but not cheesy, girly but also romantic. What’s more, unlike a French braid, the half-up style of the waterfall braid allows you to leave your hair down. Therefore, you can still show off your long strands with this hairdo meanwhile let it flatter your face shape. Trust us, this all-over-Pinterest waterfall braid will definitely ROCK your day.

waterfall braids

Waterfall Braid Tutorial Video

Here we’ve prepared a fail-proof video tutorial for you to knot this trendy waterfall twist.

Waterfall Braid Tutorial Step-by-step

A Waterfall braid is actually using a modified French braid technique. Besides a pair of hands, the only auxiliary tool you need to finish this style is an elastic accessory that matches your hair color.

waterfall braids

1. Start by taking a section of your hair where you want to begin the waterfall plait.

2. Divide this part of hair into 3 equal sections, and use the simple three-strand-braid technique to place the back strand over the middle one, then the front strand down the middle of the braid.

waterfall braids tutorials

3. Repeat placing the back section on the middle then pick up a new strand of hair on the front side and move this piece over the center.

4. RELEASE the back strand, adding a new strand from the front bottom and move it over the middle strand. The trick of the cascading effect is dropping one section of hair at the bottom as you braid your hair three times.

waterfall braids tutorials

5. Next, repeat step 3 to 4 until you reach the back of your head, or when you are satisfied with the length of your braid.

6. Secure the end of the braid with an elastic, or continue to weave a three-strand braid for around an inch.

waterfall braids tutorials

7. Pin the braid against your head, and CONGRATS! Your refreshing waterfall braid is done.

waterfall braids tutorials

Waterfall Braid Transformation

You’ll quickly find out that this hairstyle looks pretty on every woman, no matter you’re wearing long or short, straight or curly, and even blonde or brunette hair. As a waterfall braid is suitable for both daily routine and formal occasions, we can do some CREATIVE WORK on this standard waterfall look to make you even more appealing and charming.

1. Double Waterfall Braid

double waterfall braid

If you think the one layer waterfall braid is kind of lonely, just try this simple transformation. Double makes couple, right?

2. Loop Waterfall Braid

loop waterfall braid

You might find the standard waterfall braid a little bit dull when you have straight and thick hair. Here it comes this loop waterfall braid, which makes you feel much more delighted and airy.

3. Heart Waterfall Braid

heart waterfall braid

It’s a tremendously cute idea to twist hearts on your hair. How can you resist such a sweet and romantic style?

4. Zigzag Waterfall Braid

zigzag waterfall braid

We bet you’d fall in love with this sophisticated and intricate zigzag style waterfall braid. It looks just like several streams gather to form a lively flowing waterfall.

5. Purple Romance

purple romance waterfall braid

Well, we admit we just made this name up, LOL. But isn’t it deeply flirtatious and amorous? Replacing braids with knots plus the dark purple and blue colors, oh, it makes me want to dive in the sparkling night sky.

6. Ice And Fire

ice and fire waterfall braid

Who is ON FIRE? I truly envy every girl who is blessed with fiery red hair! And this half-up style make you feel refreshing. What a perfect combination of ice and fire baby!

7. Dream on Rainbow

dream on rainbow waterfall braid

This rainbow color makes wondrous match with waterfall braid style. You’ll look just like a carefree pixie wandering around this world.

8. Garden Goddess

garden goddess waterfall braid

Actually, you don’t need to take the braids soooo seriously. Simply weave a bit and rumple the strands up, then you will get this casual and natural look. Surrounded by fresh flowers, you’re the garden GODDESS today.

Ok, with all the inspirations we have provided above, are you now ready to have a waterfall on your hair this summer?

waterfall braid

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