Stinky girl losing your dating boy? These essential oils will refresh you

Body odor is very embarrassing for any person, especially for girls. Almost every girl cares what she looks, how she smells, so stinky smell could be a fatal blow to your social life especially your sexual life.

Is that sweat smell of yours turning your dating boy off?

When a stinky girl falls in love, each time before you start a date with a new guy, you smear a very thick cream, or spray a lot of perfume on the armpit. When it comes to the further intimacy, with more sweating, you fear that man would be disgusted with the nauseous smell.

body odor

Being stinky is not terrible, but it really matters you know nothing about it and let it grow. First of all, we should know where that smell comes from.

It is not the sweat but the bacteria creates that smell

Our body has two different sweat glands, one is called the eccrine glands to keep our body cool all over. Another one apocrine glands is located where hair follicles are concentrated. They release fatty sweat full of proteins. But remember, It is not the sweat but the bacteria attracted to it that creates that stinky smell. They break down the fats in apocrine sweat, then the odorous aroma appears. So fighting bacteria is very important in removing body odor.


Why you should choose Essential oil instead of deodorant?

It really matters whether you choose a natural remedy instead of harsh chemicals. Many girls around are stuck with such annoying problems. Some turn to the deodorant for instant help, but only disappointed to get more sweating resulting in severe odor.

Essential oil totally deserves its values.

Essential oils fight and prevent bacteria from growing, leaving you fresh without relying on harsh chemicals. These extracts from the plants are endowed with the unique aroma, captures beauty lovers’ heart and more and more young girls are fascinated with its amazing magic on skin care. One of these little known magic is its natural power to fight bacteria from growing and leaving you fresh. That’s what a stinky girl need to be concerned about.

body odor

Notice before you buy essential oils:

• Choose deodorizing oils. Some girls care how the oils smell, but for a particular use, it’s also very important to choose the oils that really kill bacteria. You are not only hiding these odors but also fighting them.
• Choosing the quality essential oil. Some oils are poorly processed or contain unhealthy additives that may irritate the skin. So make sure to choose organic oil, pressed at low temperatures and safe to use.

essential oils

Here we suggest 4 basic oils, you can choose as you need

1. Lavender Oil

Many girls like lavender because its smell is soothing and pleasant. It has been widely used in perfume and cosmetics. But little known is its actual effect of killing bacteria. So girls, if you are fascinated with lavender’s sweet smell, this oil can absolutely be included in your list.

lavender oil

Here are the tips on how to use lavender oil:
Mix 5-6 drops of lavender oil with water in a spray bottle.
Gently shake mixture and use it as necessary.
Store in refrigerator for future use.
For the alternative, you can rub few drops of lavender oil on the armpits.
Note: If you are allergic to lavender oil, avoid using it.
It is better to get a test before using it.

2. Tea Tree oil

Tea tree often shows up in our face washes to fight pimples and in shampoos for oily hair. But you may little know tea tree oil has natural anti-bacterial properties. It can also be used as a regular body freshener, you won’t feel the need of any perfumes or deodorants.

tee tree oil

Here are the tips on how to use Tea Tree oil:
Just mix 1 ounce of water with 3 drops of tea tree oil, and apply it to your underarms with a cotton ball.

3. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil is a stronger version of mint. It can also kill the bacteria. The use of it is also very easy, just rub few drops of peppermint oil under your arms and leave it to dry.

peppermint oil

4. Patchouli Oil

We can see this flower is much similar to that of lavender. It can also replace a deodorant with its sweet and spicy scent. What’s most important is that it masks the body odor very well.

patchouli oil

Alternative Recipe for making your own essential oils spray

Here are more essential oils we recommend here: coriander, roman chamomile, and sage, cypress, sandalwood, citronella, myrtle. To better absorb the wetness, you could add coconut, baking soda, and cornstarch.

essential oils

Here’s the guide to DIY essential oils blend:
The essential oil that you have chosen or is available.
4 tablespoons of coconut or jojoba oil,
4 tablespoons of baking soda
4 tablespoons of cornstarch.
Tips and Guides:
Mix about 4 ounces of distilled water with 20 drops of essential oil.
Place the mixture well in a spray bottle.
Gently shake it and apply it as necessary.
Store the mixture in your fridge and apply it to your clean skin as needed.

diy essential oils

Keep on using these oils to fight your smelly odors, ladies. But remember, roman is not built one day; you should be patient on these natural essence’s magic power. They indeed refresh you, and give you back the natural smell. One day, you will find, it’s no longer embarrassing to fall in love with your guy.

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