Still Holding On To Granny Hair? Check Out Its New Version-Grey Ombre!

Grey Ombre–Granny Hair’s New Update!

About a couple of years ago, the ‘Granny Hair’ trend was all over beauty websites and blogs, and it was widely sought after by internet celebrities.

And now, to those who still love this hair but want a little bit more than the original, you have now blessed with the updated trend: gray ombré!

grey hair

To sum up, it is a perfect choice for people with naturally dark hair who are looking for a beautiful hair color to experiment with.

grey hair

Worrying whether it’s too edgy to wear? Check out these celebrities who show you that going gray has never looked so good!

1. Rihanna

rihanna grey hair

2. Kylie Jenner

kylie jenner grey hair

3. Hilary Duff

hilary duff grey hair

4. Rita Ora

rita ora grey hair

5. Dascha Polanco

dascha polanco

Hairstyle recommendations to go with this breakout color!

Here we list some of the most typical hairstyles that go with grey ombre perfectly.

1. Two-Tone Gray Ombre in a Messy Lob

messy lob

2. Silver Ombre for Long Black Hair

long hair

3. Wavy Black Hair with Layers and Soft Grey Ombre

wavy hair

4. Thick Curly High Ponytail with Gray Ombre

curly high ponytail

5. Silver Ombre with A Half Topknot

half topknot

Simple steps to dye your hair grey

OK, so you’ve decided that you want to go gray. Now the first thing you’ll need to do is bleach your hair.

bleach your hair

When the hair has been bleached and toned, the final step comes the gray dye itself.

grey dye

After around seven hours of the steps above, tah-dah, here you go~

grey dye

Makeup tips exclusive for this hair!

Here are some makeup tips from makeup artist Yana Markevich concerning which colors work best for gray hair.

grey hair makeup

1. Eyebrow Pencil: light, cool-toned eyebrow pencil is preferred here for you to create a fuller-looking brow.
2. Lilac Eyeshadow: To play up the silver and gray color of the hair, Markevich suggests lilac and gray eyeshadow.
3. Black Eyeliner: Thick black line on the upper eyelid will help make your eyes stand out.
4. Peach Blush: A warm, pinky blush on the apples of your cheeks can brighten up the complexion and soften your total look.
5. Creamy Pink Lipstick: A creamy pink lip color is suggested here to create a fresh, feminine look that plays up the lilac tone on the eyes.

grey hair makeup

Special hint from Markevich: since you are choosing an unnaturally light color for your hair, you may need to make an extra effort to cover up any red flecks, which will stand out more when your hair is so light.

grey hair

Now, time to summon up your courage and ease yourself into the gorgeous silver fox trend!

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