See This Guy Who Is The World’s First CoverBoy of CoverGirl

James Charles, a 17-year-old makeup artist guy from New York, has just been hired by CoverGirl to be the face of the brand.


Just a year ago, Charles started his Instagram account to post pictures of makeup on himself. He didn’t expect to get more gals here, even working with CoverGirl.


With his beautiful, hilarious content going viral, Charles receives lots of likes, follows, and shares every day. Till now, he has amassed over 400,000 Instagram followers and over 50,000 Twitter followers.
BTW, this post is a true story.


The boy’s got skills.


So now you understand why today, Charles is the newest face of the brand and the first ever male to represent CoverGirl.


“I hope that as the first male CoverGirl that I can inspire others and give them the confidence to try out makeup! Hey, if a 17-year-old guy can do it, you DEFINITELY can too!”


“Breaking gender norms just comes instantly as soon as a boy is comfortable and confident enough to put on makeup.” before adding, “I think it’s so important to love who you are and be comfortable in your skin.”


CoverGirl fellow Katy Perry welcomed Charles to the CoverFam with a super sweet Instagram post. DAMN.


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