Laser Hair Removal : Save More Prep Time For A Sweet Date

Most men fall in love easily with girls who have long and thick hair. Remember Malena Scordia (played by Monica Bellucci) in the Italian romantic drama film “Malena”? Her curly lavish hair adds so much attraction to her look.

malena scordia

But when we talk about Malena’s hair, we are definitely NOT talking about unwanted hair! Please imagine this scenario: you’re on a lovely dinner date, when you take off your coat you suddenly recall that you forgot to shave and your arms and legs resemble the Amazon forest during monsoon season. Awkward!

unwanted hair

Unwanted hair is definitely a problem for an unexpected romantic night, we totally understand that sometimes you might be too lazy or oblivious to shave or wax your unwanted hair. So we highly suggest laser hair removal treatment as a more permanent and convenient solution. Look at those gorgeous IT GIRLS at Met Gala! Every inch of their hairless, smooth skin seems to persuade you “Hey there, you need laser hair removal to be a sexy chic just like us”. Tempted? Before you decide, you might need to know some more details about it.

super models

How does laser hair removal treatment work?

The science of laser hair removal is easy to grasp. This treatment emits pulses of light and uses highly concentrated heat energy converted by the laser light to target hair follicles. The pigment in your hair follicles attract heat from the laser to effectively kill the follicle, stopping those naughty hairs from ever coming back.

how laser hair removal works

Benefits of laser hair removal treatment

1. Laser hair removal is time-saving and long-lasting. It helps you to get rid of bothersome hair in a matter of minutes. Compared with waxing or shaving, laser treatment can disable the hair follicle to a large extent, and at times it may remove your unwanted hair permanently.

benefits of laser hair removal

2. Laser treatment can de-fuzz any area of your body (while having laser hair removal near your EYES is NOT recommended). No matter whether you choose to go to a laser clinic or buy a home laser hair removal machine, the laser device is very handy and flexible. This makes laser treatment suitable for removing hair from all parts of your body.

benefits of laser hair removal

3. Laser hair removal is safe and non-stimulating. Unlike other epilating methods, such as waxing, laser treatment is technically friendly to your hair follicle, therefore it’s less likely to cause a bacterial infection.

benefits of laser hair removal

Any disadvantages of laser hair removal treatment?

1. The major disadvantage of laser treatment is the cost issue. As we discussed above, laser hair removal is not a once and done thing. A series of sessions might be needed to make prominent effects, with each session costing between $250 to $350.

disadvantages of laser hair removal

2. Another disadvantage of laser hair removal is that it can be a bit painful and tingly. Some people describe the feeling as being snapped by a rubber band. But no need to worry. Though everyone has different pain tolerance, most people find that the discomfort from laser treatment is far less compared with waxing. It’s more like being slightly scratched by your kitten.

disadvantages of laser hair removal

Tips after laser hair removal

1. Don’t expect your skin to be Silkily smooth after only one session of treatment. We understand that you gorgeous ladies want to feel sexy as quickly as possible. But according to a certificated dermatologist in NYC, Dr. Michele Green, laser hair removal treatment usually needs five or six sessions to achieve phenomenal results. The graphic below shows you the approximate sessions for removing hair from each part of your body. For instance, it takes 4 to 10 sessions to clear hair on the bikini area.

tips after laser hair removal

2. Sun protection is always necessary, especially after laser hair removal. Even if you regard yourself as the kind of people with non-sensitive skin, your skin will definitely be sensitive after laser treatment. So don’t be too capricious, just use all your sun-proof devices to protect your soft skin.

tips after laser hair removal

3. “Double check” might be useful in your work, but NOT HERE. So, my pretty angels please THROW AWAY your tweezers! Our skin might get hurt if you try to pull out the hair follicles after laser treatment. Just GIVE THEM A BREAK, the unwanted hair will fall out on its own as time goes by.

tips after laser hair removal

How to choose a reliable laser hair removal provider?

Since laser treatment can be costly, we think we should further provide you with some advice on picking a reliable clinic. Here are factors we believe to be important before making a choice:

1. The experience level and medical degree of the doctors and nurses.
2. The quality of the laser hair removal devices.
3. The number of years the laser clinic or institution has been in business.
4. A clear and accurate pricing chart public for consumers.
5. Convenient locations considering that you might need to go there at least five times.

Top 3 devices for laser hair removal at home

Actually, instead of going to a professional clinic, DIY laser hair removal at home is getting more and more popular. Thus we’d like to share with you 3 of the best home laser hair removal machines.

1. Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X

The Tria is of no doubt at the top of our list. It is the first laser hair removal system approved by the FDA. It’s effective and safe for home use.

device for laser hair removal at home

2. Remington iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz Hair Removal System

The Remington adopts intense pulsed light system rather than a laser system as used by the Tria. It ranks No.2 on our list because, on one hand, an intense pulsed light system is not effectively strong enough compared with laser system. However on the other hand, the Remington does outperform other intense pulsed light devices.

device for laser hair removal at home

3. Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System

If you have a bit budget problem, the Philips is a great choice. You can easily bring it home for around $200. And one of its merits is that its slide and flash mode allows it to glide over skin, rather than dealing with each patch of your skin individually. But its disadvantage is that replacement cartridges are not applicable. In general, it’s a nice device at a nice price.

device for laser hair removal at home

Well, after talking about all the above stuff, we have one last question for you guys: is it worth it? The answer from us is HELL YES!!!! You know we can never predict the time when we encounter the right guy, so the best theory is to always be prepared for an unexpected date. We just can’t resist this effective and permanent method to keeping hairless and smooth skin. What are you waiting for then? Let’s get laser hair removal and attract your perfect guy with your sexy skin!

laser hair removal