I Bet You Can’t Tell These Stars From Their Stunt Doubles

1. Sarah Michelle Gellar & Sophia Crawford

As Buffy the Vampire-Slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar did her fair share of her own stunts. When they became too dangerous though, she called on the aid of Sophia Crawford, who also acted as body double for Madonna.


2. Michael Douglas & Mike Runyard

Michael Douglas has worked with the same stunt double for 26 years. Look at the faces and the smiles; we say they are partners, pals, and could even be twins!


3. Jennifer Lopez & Her Manly Stunt Double

Jennifer Lopez’s stunt double drew a lot of attention whilst filming the music video for “Follow the Leader” in Mexico. It’s not like people have never heard of male stunt doubles for female stars, but this one just takes the cake for them.


4. Chris Hemsworth & Bobby Hanton

Chris is a fan of his stunt double, taking to Instagram to say: “Thanks for not letting me die most days on set and for making me look super cool legend.”


5. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson & Tanoai Reed

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has had the same stuntman for 16 years – Tanoai Reed, who also happens to be his cousin. Johnson even bought a new truck for Reed to show his appreciation.


6. Tilda Swinton & Her Double In Okja

Two times the Tilda! The actress looked nearly identical to her stunt double in New York City while filming Okja in 2016.


7. Harrison Ford & Gary Combs

Harrison Ford and his stunt double Gary Combs on the set of “Blade Runner.” He had other doubles for other famous movies like “Indiana Jones” and “the Last Crusade.”


8. Carrie Fisher & Tracey Eddon

Tracey Eddon was Carrie Fisher’s stunt double when she was filming Star Wars. Eddon’s epic stunt double career stretches from 1981’s “An American Werewolf In London” all the way through to 2016’s “Doctor Strange.”


9. Will Smith & His Stunt Double

Will Smith and his stunt double pose for a photo while shooting Collateral Beauty in 2016. Will Smith looked like he was standing next to a mirror.


10. Bruce Willis & His Stunt Double

Bruce Willis had a well-matched stunt double in Stuart F. Wilson on the Brooklyn set of Cop Out in 2009.


11. John Travolta & Nick Loren

John Travolta’s stunt double Nick Loren on the set of the movie Speed Kills. Nick Loren has been the professional stunt double for John Travolta and an accredited actor in over 17 films including From Paris with Love, Old Dogs, Wild Hogs.


12. Emma Watson & Her Stunt Double

Emma Watson with her stunt double on the set of Harry Potter. Emma Watson has had lots of stunt doubles, but this one couldn’t look more like her twin sister.


13. Quvenzhane Wallis & Her Stunt Double In Annie

Filming Annie at just 10 years old in September 2013, Quvenzhane Wallis got a little help from an adult stunt double in New York City.


14. Lynda Carter & Jeannie Epper

For just $250 a day, Jeannie Epper got hit by moving cars, crashed through windows and leapt from tall buildings throughout the TV series. She was considered by many to be “the greatest stuntwoman who’s ever lived.”


15. Mark Ruffalo & Anthony Molinari

Mark Ruffalo played an FBI agent in Now You See Me, which was filled with dangerous stunts and explosive car chases. It was Mark’s double Anthony Molinari who stepped in and completed the star’s stunts in the action-packed film.


16. Johnny Depp & Tony Angelotti

Johnny Depp’s double for the Pirates of the Carribean franchise almost died during a “human yo-yo” scene. Tony Angelotti did something unusual and sued the Walt Disney Co. Stunt doubles usually don’t sue, because they believe it could jeopardize future work.


17. Ben Affleck & Rich Cetrone

Ben Affleck shared a selfie with stunt double and “legend” Rich Cetrone from the Hawaii set of Triple Frontier. The lookalike duo can be seen sporting similar facial hair and identical outfits.


18. Brad Pitt & Rick English

Brad Pitt and his stunt double Rick English on set of “The Counselor”. This crime thriller film deals with primal human concerns like greed, mortality, love, and trust, in which the characters are entwined in a web of corruption.


19. Robert Pattinson & Paul Darnell

Paul Darnell performed Pattinson’s stunt in the Twilight vampire franchise, and in films including Water for Elephants and Remember Me. His stunt work helped Pattinson win the award for Best Fight at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards.


20. Chris Evans & Sam Hargrave

Chris Evans and his stunt double on the set of Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier. Sam Hargrave won 2 Taurus World Stunt Awards – “Hardest Hit” and “Best High Work” – for his work on The Avengers.


21. Reese Witherspoon & Marny Eng

Reese Witherspoon and her stunt double Marny Eng snapped a photo together in their police uniforms on the southern set of Don’t Mess With Texas in June 2014.


22. Daniel Craig & Garvin Cross

Garvin Cross has enjoyed a successful career creating those ‘wow’ moments on the big and small screen. He has a great resemblance to Daniel Craig on the set of Dream House. Among other notables, Garvin has also doubled for Jeremy Renner, Ed Harris, Mark Wahlberg, and Frankie Muniz.


23. Robert De Niro & His Stunt Double

The actor walked on set with his doppelganger before they filmed the infamous “Flex Off” scene in Dirty Grandpa. De Niro’s stunt double might have confused their mothers.


24. Tom Hiddleston & Paul Lacovara

Stuntman Paul Lacovara has shared his stunt performing expertise in films such as Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Green Hornet, and most prominently in Marvel’s Thor, doubling for actor Tom Hiddleston.


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