Female Stars Of NCIS In Real Life – Then And Now

NCIS, one of the original crime drama series and one of the only shows to continue to date, has gained a significant cult since its premiere in 2003. Over the years, it has seen many amazing women faces. What do they look like now? Let’s find out.

Cote De Pablo as Ziva David

Cote De Pablo played Ziva David, a former Israeli soldier turned special agent, on NCIS. Ziva took over after her predecessor, Special Agent Caitlin Todd, was murdered. Years later, it turned out that her half-brother, Ziva David, was exact the murderer. Ziva finally went back to Israel and died in a mortar attack in 2016.

Cote De Pablo in Real Life

After dropping from NCIS, Cote De Pablo continued to act in the TV miniseries The Dovekeepers and the movie The 33. Her most recent role was Laura Kale in the 2016 TV movie Prototype. Also, she does have high hopes for a singing career and is preparing to release an album.

Juliette Angelo as Emily Fornell

After dropping from NCIS, Cote De Pablo continued to act in the TV miniseries The Dovekeepers and the movie The 33. Her most recent role was Laura Kale in the 2016 TV movie Prototype. Also, she does have high hopes for a singing career and is preparing to release an album.


Juliette Angelo in Real Life

Beside Emily Fornell, Juliette has had several other prominent acting roles in shows like Shameless, Mad Men, and movie Hope Springs Eternal. It appears that she’ll continue acting well into the future. In her spare time, Angelo enjoys horse riding and equestrian sports.


Stephanie Mello as Cynthia Sumner

Stephanie appeared as Cynthia Sumner, a personal secretary for a US Navy member, in NCIS for 13 episodes. Despite little air time, she clearly had a problematic relationship with Leroy Gibbs as he continually barged into the office.

Stephanie Mello in Real Life

Since Stephanie left NCIS, she has found plenty of work on screen and has been credited in over 100 TV commercials. Over the years, she may not continue to wear suits every day, but she has kept a similar hairstyle – short, curly brown hair.

Liza Lapira as Michelle Lee

Liza Lapira played Michelle Lee, a character that exuded a lot of mystery in seasons three and four. Employed by the legal team for the force, she’s actually a spy. In order to blend into the crowd, Michelle often wore plain clothing with her dark hair falling past her shoulders.

Liza Lapira in Real Life

Since the show, Liza has had plenty of opportunities on TV shows and movies such as Dexter, Super Fun Night, and Fast and Furious. She’s also made her mark on the red carpet with her glamorous look and stunning dresses.


Scottie Thompson as Dr. Jeanne Benoit

Scottie Thompson entered the show as Dr. Jeanne Benoit, a new girlfriend of Tony DiNozzo, in 2006. Despite that she is the daughter of a known arms dealer, she is able to charm the team with her good looking and mesmerizing blue eyes.


Scottie Thompson in Real Life

In 2015, Thompson returned as Jeanne for two episodes, charming fans as always. She also appeared in hit movies like Star Trek, Skyline, and The Funhouse Massacre, and even on music video for song What Do You Got. She’s now focusing on other big acting projects.


Pauley Perrette as Abby Sciuto

This character is well known for her gothic dress sense. Not only does Abby usually wear her black hair in the same style- pigtails, but she also accompanies the look with black miniskirts, t-shirts, and dresses which are typically accessorized with gothic jewelry.


Pauley Perrette in Real Life

Pauley is expected to leave the show at the end of the current season after a whirlwind of fifteen years playing Abby. That means her dark hair may come to an end. In real life, Pauley does have ink of her own, but the majority of Abby’s tattoos are makeup, including the famous spider web on her neck.


Nina Foch as Mrs. Victoria Mallard

Victoria, Ducky Mallard’s mother, appeared on the show in 2005 for only two episodes. Her character is known for wearing old-fashioned dresses accompanied with overly large hats. She left the show in 2006 when her son confessed that she had developed Alzheimer. In fact, she had passed away.


Nina Foch in Real Life

Before NCIS, Nina had starred in many black and white films, especially during the ’40s, and she continued to act until 2007. Nina led a glamorous lifestyle with smart blonde hairstyles and stylish dress sense. Sadly, she passed away in 2008 at the age of 84.


Tamara Taylor as Cassie Yates

Cassie appeared on the show in 2005 for two episodes. She was a strong character that was working as a special agent for NCIS. While she wasn’t on the show for long, she did make a lasting impression due to her business-like look and great acting skills.

Tamara Taylor in Real Life

Tamara did a lot of modeling work before her time on NCIS. Following her exit, she acted in various shows and films such as Bones, CSI: Miami, and Senseless. She is always able to steal the show with her sophisticated yet straightforward dress style at red carpet events.


Jessica Steen as Paula Cassidy

Only the fans who have followed NCIS since the very beginning will recognize Jessica as Paula Cassidy, an NCIS Special Agent, on NCIS. She’s assigned to the Guantanamo Bay and then to the Pentagon, where she led her own team but ended up dying during her duty.


Jessica Steen in Real Life

Before the show, Jessica had been in a string of movies and shows, such as Homefront, Earth 2, and The Outer Limits. Afterwards, she continued to star in Heartland. Her off-screen life sees her donning a more feminine wardrobe opposed to her usual suit pants and shirts.

Jennifer Esposito as Alexandra Quinn

Though Alexandra’s time on NCIS was short, she did leave a lasting impression on audiences. There wasn’t much diversity with Alexandra’s dress sense or hairstyles as she often opted for smart casual. Her shirts were usually accompanied by her light brown mid-length hair.


Jennifer Esposito in Real Life

Since her exit, Jennifer decided to take her color darker. Her change is noticeable from her time as Jenny, but we haven’t had a chance to see her back on screens just yet. However, that could all change soon as she is credited as one of the leads in the film Cigarette.


Daniela Sofia Korn Ruah as Kensi Blye

Kensi was introduced to the show during season one. This character had a turbulent childhood following her father’s murder, but she’s able to maintain a professional outlook on the job. She’s usually wearing plain shirts and jackets with her brown hair pulled back away from her face.


Daniela Sofia Korn Ruah in Real Life

Daniela is now a mother of two, but she still managed to become a fashion icon, and has done a spot or two of modeling and red carpet work. What interesting is that due to a birthmark known as a nevus of Ota, her right eye is almost entirely black, while her left eye is brown.


Maria Bello as Jackie Sloane

Jackie made quite an impression on audiences in the fourth episode of the latest season airing. She joined her fellow NCIS colleagues as a special agent on the major case response team. Rumors have it that she’ll be made part of the main cast very soon. We just watch and see.


Maria Bello in Real Life

Maria is quite a regular on screen and has appeared in films like The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Grown Ups 2, and Lights Out. She’s a strong activist for women’s rights, and her love life is often written about in the press, but she keeps a good job of laying low.


Alicia Coppola as Lieutenant Commander Faith Coleman

Coppola began her career as a host and since then her acting career quickly shot up, playing a role on Another World for 3 years. She would go on to appear in NCIS, following roles in Trinity, Bull, Star Trek: Voyager, and even CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as a cannibal.


Alicia Coppola in Real Life

Coppola has continued to act and built her film and television reputation. She followed down the crime drama route, leading roles in Jericho, Lie to Me, Common Law, and many others. She’s married to Anthony Michael Jones who is known to fans of General Hospital as Father Coates.


Jamie Lee Curtis as Dr. Samantha Ryan

The world famous actress got her first role in the cult classic movie Halloween, and found fame for her first starring role on the TV show Anything But Love. She also appeared in Buck Rogers, the 25th Century, and The Drew Carey Show. She played Dr. Samantha Ryan on NCIS.


Jamie Lee Curtis in Real Life

Curtis is not even close to being finished acting. She landed prominent roles in Freaky Friday, New Girls, and Scream Queens. She has taken a bit of a break from acting, focusing on writing children’s books, with 10 being written and published so far.


Margo Harshman as Delilah Fielding

Margo started her acting career with a beauty pageant at the age of two, and began her full on acting at eight. Her first ever movie role was in The Elf Who Didn’t Believe, then she landed a prominent role on Even Stevens, and eventually reprised the role of Delilah Fielding on NCIS.


Margo Harshman in Real Life

Margo has a more successful career compared to many other child actors. She’s taken up a wide range of roles in shows and movies like Run of the House, Bones, and His Little Friend. But non-NCIS viewers would know her as Sheldon’s assistant on The Big Bang Theory.


Jacqueline Obradors as Paloma Reynosa

Obradors featured NCIS as Paloma Reynosa, who was the daughter of an illegal substance dealer. When her father was killed, Paloma took over for him and sought out revenge. However, NCIS foils every plot she tries to carry out. Eventually, she is killed by her brother.


Jacqueline Obradors in Real Life

Obradors is most known for her roles in movies Six Days, Seven Nights and Unstoppable. But she is more successful in TV shows and her longest standing role was on NYPD Blue as Detective Rita Ortiz, which even earned her an ALMA Award nomination.


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