Fact-Check: 15 Costume Mistakes In Famous Movies That Should Never Have Happened

Despite big-budget filmmaking and masses of professionals, the following 15 famous movies have some terrible costume mistakes. Click through to find out the blunders you didn’t notice while you were so absorbed in the plot.


1. Braveheart
In the movie set around the year 1300, William Wallace wears kilts that weren’t worn in Scotland until the 16th Century.


2. Dirty Dancing
In the movie set in the 1960s, Baby wears jeans shorts that are straight out of the 1980s.


In the movie set in ancient Rome, you can see Russell Crowe’s Lycra shorts under his tunic during the tiger fight. Obviously, lycra shorts shouldn’t belong there.


4. Picnic at Hanging Rock
In the movie, girls have long hair, with middle parts. But the movie was set in Australia on Valentine’s Day in 1900, when young women’s hair would most likely have been put up.


5. Saving Private Ryan
In the movie set in 1944, some of the paratroopers have black boots that weren’t used in the Army until 1950.


6. Django Unchained
In the movie set in 1850s, Django wears cool sunglasses that weren’t widespread in the U.S. until 1929.


7. Robin Hood: Prince OF Thieves
In the movie set in 1194, Robin’s companion Azeem shows him a telescope that wasn’t invented until the early 17th century.


8. American Hustle
In the movie set in the 1970s, Stoddard Thorsen wears a Rolex that wasn’t manufactured until 2010.


9. Pirates of the Caribbean
In the movie set sometime between 1714 and 1727, the Royal Navy is wearing uniforms that weren’t introduced until 1747.


10. Captain America: The First Avenger
During WWII, the rule was that military women’s hair needed to be off their collar when on duty. Peggy Carter’s hair is clearly too long and loose here.


11. Pearl Harbor
In the movie set weeks prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, all the women are seen with bare legs. But prior to WWII no well-dressed woman would be caught without wearing nylon stockings.


12. Troy
In the movie set in the late 12th Century BC during the Trojan War, Paris uses a beautiful beach umbrella on his chariot. But parasols weren’t introduced to Ancient Greece until the 5th century BCE, at least 800 years after Troy was set.


13. Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade
In the movie set in 1938, many of the Nazis are wearing various WWII combat medals, but the war didn’t actually start till September 1, 1939.


14. The Other Boleyn Girl
In the movie set in the 16th century, Natalie Portman sports a French hood with her hair down and visible. But during that time, French hoods were worn with a veil in the back that covered the hair, which would have been put up.


15. Becoming Jane
In the movie set in 1975, Jane Austen’s dresses have a higher waist and short sleeves, a style that was popular in the 1810s.


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