Everything You Should Know Before Cutting Your Own Bangs

Women can be really capricious. It’s like every two months I would consider some changes to my hair-style, sometimes a minor change, and sometimes maybe a bold one. But I guess you girls are not BOLD enough to get BALD just like what Kristen Stewart did. Ok joking aside, I’ve tried a great many hairdos to make me look better, finally I found this MAGIC SOLUTION: CUT BANGS. Having bangs brings a bunch of merits: it makes you look young, nifty, elegant, and more than that it can compliment your face shape too.


Believe us, cutting bangs, though not-too-big a change to our hairstyle, will definitely be refreshing. A proper bang-trimming is no less look altering than a successful plastic surgery. Today we are here to persuade you to cut your own cute bangs at home.

Why Should You Try Cutting Your Own Bangs At Home?

DIY bang-cuts can considerably save your budget. In Manhattan, you never get out of a salon with a cut or color for under $200. TWO HUNDRED FREAKING BUCKS! Isn’t it crazy? Though you only need to pay a fraction of the cost of a full haircut to get your bangs done, it’s still a large sum of money. What’s more, bangs can grow like insane weeds! You’ll be shocked by how frequently you have to go to the salon to trim them again and again, meaning $200 over $200. However, if you follow our advice to cut your own bangs at home, it will only cost you $10: $5 for a comb or brush, and $5 for a pair of scissors. And guess what? Those are one time fees!

cut your own bangs

Cutting bangs at home is time-saving. We are all getting so busy nowadays, therefore it can be really difficult to squeeze trims into our schedules. Instead of waiting in line to get an appointment with a professional, we’d better count on our own efforts. In fact, you’ll be surprised to find out that you only need 5 minutes to get pretty hot bangs without leaving your bathroom.

cut your own bangs

How To Cut Your Own Bangs At Home?

After talking about the advantages of self-snipping, here’s a step-by-step guide for you to take the transformation into your own hands. Trust us: it’s so foolproof that even a gorilla with scissors (no offense to the gorilla) can do it.

cut your own bangs

1. Dry your hair first. One nightmare of trimming your own bangs is to cut it too short. Drying hair first is a safeguard to prevent this nightmare because dry hair is usually shorter than wet hair. Once you blow-dry your fringes, you are basically prepared to consider their fullness and growth patterns.

dry your hair

2. Comb your hair to lay them flat, and section off a SMALL amount into a triangle division. This move helps to avoid cutting your bangs too wide or too thick. You surely don’t want a cumbersome bowl-cut look right?

cut your own bangs

3. Snip the triangle section slowly. Listen up: GO SLOW! Please measure before you cut. Once you do it in one abrupt clip, you’ll have no God to help you no matter how hard you beg for forgiveness. Remember, you can always trim more later.

cut your own bangs

4. What if you find your bangs too thin? Easy! Just section off some more hair and repeat the above steps.

cut your own bangs

5. Now you are almost done. To add a more natural look, you can hold your scissors vertically, making tiny snips into your fringes. Remember to start from the middle of your bangs, and then move your way toward the outer corner.

cut your own bangs

6. Finally, it’s time to inspect your work. Relax and shake it out!

cut your own bangs

Congrats! You’ve gotten brand new bangs by following our guide!

Final Tips: Cruel Facts To Face After Cutting Your Bangs

Though we encourage you girls to refresh yourselves by DIY fringe-cuts, we also feel responsible to tell you some crucial facts after you go bangs.


1. You need a snip probably every three weeks to keep your bangs at the right length. Well, on the bright sight, it means you will get more and more professional cutting your own fringes. Kind of cool dude!

cut your own bangs

2. Since bangs sit on your forehead, which is one of the oiliest part of your face, you’d better wash your bangs frequently to avoid a greasy look. Good news, instead of washing your hair every day, you can just wash your fringe in the sink.

wash your bangs

3. You have to style your bangs every morning. Bed head is definitely not friendly to your bangs, so, remember to spare some more time to deal with them.

style your bangs every morning

See? Being a bangs-person is not that easy. All in all, it’s your hair and you should be the person who makes the final call. Ready to grab your scissors? TO BANG OR NOT TO BANG, that’s the question.

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