Eat, Exercise, and Love: 15 Easy Methods To Lose Belly Fat In One Month!

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We guess many of you are troubled by belly fat and are struggling with it. You’ve tried being on a diet and doing sit ups, but one year later, you look exactly the same. Do you feel you and abs are just not meant to be? Don’t worry. We have prepared 15 solutions to show you that it’s much easier than you think to have a flat tummy. Let’s make it happen from three aspects: EAT, EXERCISE and LOVE.

#1 EAT: Be Nuts About Nuts

You must have heard super many times that ‘abs are made in the kitchen’, and this is indeed an undisputable truth. In order to reduce belly fat, you don’t have to ditch all foods, you only need to choose the right thing to eat.

Nuts are one kind of food that falls into the friendly-to-your-body list. Based on a research article published by the Journal of the American Heart Association, people who munch on nuts are more likely to have lower belly fat than those who live on high-carb foods. You’d better stock various nuts from now on. Don’t those pistachios, peanuts, walnuts and almonds look cute?

gimme a spoon of olive oil

#2 EAT: Gimme A Spoon Of Olive Oil

Don’t panic when you hear the word ‘OIL’. We know it sounds a little quirky but it’s scientifically proven. In olive oil, there are certain compounds which have the function of stimulating a hormone inside your body and therefore making you feel full quicker and easier. As a result, you’ll stop believing food is good for your soul and start losing your appetite. So go pour a spoon of olive oil into your daily meal and embrace the joy of feeling full.

make friends with fish

#3 EAT: Make Friends With Fish

Cannot live without MEAT even if you are fighting against abdominal fat? Then go with fish. Fish are rich in polyunsaturated omega-3 fats and high-quality protein. These nutrients are able to protect you from disease and help you lose visceral fat. Good choices include tuna, salmon herring, mackerel, anchovies and sardines.

drink more water

#4 EAT: Always Feel Thirsty! We Mean… Drink More Water Please

If you want a flat tummy, please get away from bubbly drinks, fruity juice and sugary beverages. Instead, go drink more water. It’s scientifically proven that sufficient hydration is indispensable on regulating your metabolic rate. We suggest you to carry a water bottle as your daily routine, and make sure you keep drinking water every now and then, at least two liters a day.

take small meals every 3 hours slowly

#5 EAT: Take Smaller Meals Every 3 Hours SLOWLY

After deciding to reduce belly fat, many of you guys think skipping breakfast or lunch would be helpful. However, this idea is totally WRONG! On the one hand, starvation would stimulate your body into storage mode, preventing the consumption of your belly fat. On the other hand, after several hours of no food-intake, you might become so hungry that you overeat. Thus, the best way is snacking or having a small meal every 2 hours, which would keep your body in a stable calorie-burning mode.


#6 EXERCISE: Run Baby, Run! But DON’T Run For Marathon

Don’t get us wrong. When we talk about running, we do NOT mean the boring as hell marathon-like training. Because according to experts’ opinion, a marathon cannot give you the workout you expect. On the contrary, adding short bursts of high-intensity burnouts to your running plans would have much more effect. This kind of interval training would help you burn calories even after running up to 16 hours. What a treat!

stretch and crunch

#7 EXERCISE: Stretch First, Then Crunch

Nothing burns abdominal fat quicker than crunches, BUT do you know the TRICK of it? Most people overlook the importance of stretch before doing crunches. According to fitness instructors, the core muscles wouldn’t be activated easily if the surrounding areas are tense. So, use a foam roller to help you stretching the mid-section of your back, until it feels loose. The next time you plan to do a crunch, remember to limber up first.

lift weights

#8 EXERCISE: Lift Weights

Losing fat and gaining muscle are equally important. Muscles help your body processing calories and burning body fat. Thus with more muscle, you reduce body fat more efficiently. Here comes weight lifting, also known as resistance training, which is good for muscle mass gaining. And the combination of resistance training and cardio would maximize the effect of belly fat reduction. Go pump iron periodically, you deserve a sculpted tummy.

try yoga

#9 EXERCISE: Try Yoga

We understand that some of you guys are just not jogging, swimming or weight lifting people, so you might want to try yoga. Yoga could count as aerobic exercise. The benefits of practicing yoga to reduce belly fat is that most yoga movements engage your core muscles. What’s more, yoga allows you to enhance your blood flow velocity and comfort your mood.

keep moving

#10 EXERCISE: Keep Moving

Losing belly fat is basically a game of calories in vs. calories out. Thus, no matter what kind of exercise you prefer, just keep moving and boost your metabolism. Even if your work requires you to be sitting for most of the time, you could still grab every chance to be active. Like when you go the washroom you can do some simple exercise moves, or use your water bottle as the ‘iron’ to pump.

take a selfie

#11 LOVE: Take A Selfie

You might have heard that exercise and diet go hand in hand, but actually, LOVE is the third key point. After all, all that effort you make is to enjoy yourself, right? So try this ‘take a selfie’ trick, it helps you to record the changes of your body shape or the emotional status you are in. You don’t have to share these selfies on public accounts. They can just be your personal blogs.

have enough sleep

#12 LOVE: Have Enough Zzzs

We bet you have heard so many times that an adult needs 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Sleep is an important topic because it’s highly related to obesity. The lack of sleep would cause increases of blood sugar levels, therefore, slows down your metabolism. Meanwhile, too much of sleep would also result in weight gain. To love yourself and have a flat tummy, you must have a healthy and regular internal clock for sleep.

let your stress go

#13 LOVE: Let Your Stress Go!

This is no joke, stress does make your belly fatter. If you keep yourself under a stressful mental condition, your adrenal glands would produce cortisol, a kind of hormone which would lead your body to preserve belly fat. So just relax! Life is so short, why be so stressful? What’s more, don’t let belly fat itself be your stress.

talk to your doctor

#14 LOVE: Talk To Your Doctor

It’s always a good thing to get advice from others, especially from those professional ones. If you get confused on your ‘losing belly fat project’, why not seek some help from your doctor? Some doctors now are providing healthy lifestyle program for free. Go talk to them frankly about your health troubles, they will give you sincere and professional feedback.

be optimistic

#15 LOVE: Be Optimistic, And Embrace Your Body

Do you feel self-concious when doing exercise with other people around? According to a survey made by Sport England, the number 1 thing that keeps women away from gym is the worry of judgement. It’s time for you to break the ice. No matter what shape or size you are, be optimistic and embrace every part of your body. The only reasons you pursue a flat tummy are that you want to be healthier and enjoy yourself, not to please others.

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