Duchess Kate Is Holiday Magic In One Of Diana’s Most-Worn Tiaras

There’s no place like Buckingham Palace for the holidays. For this year’s annual diplomatic reception, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge gave a subtle nod to the People’s Princess as they were dressed to the nines.


In this private photo, you can see that Princess Kate wore both a beautiful red gown and one of Princess Diana’s most-worn tiaras.


Kate last wore the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara in 2015, to the same annual diplomatic reception she’s attending tonight.


We fully expected to see Kate wearing the Papyrus Tiara for tonight’s reception. This tiara needs no introduction, as it was the signature tiara of the late Diana, Princess of Wales.


The piece connected with Diana is timeless. Let’s take a look at the history of the tiara.


‘Lover’s Knot Tiara’ was originally commissioned by Queen Mary. The original was a striking piece.


The tiara passed to Queen Elizabeth II, who wore it on some occasions in the early 1950’s.


In 1981, the day before Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer got married, Queen Elizabeth II gave Diana a red leather box, inside which lay the tiara.


Diana famously wore it many times, including to a banquet in New Zealand in 1983.


We’ll potentially see Kate wearing the tiara throughout her royal life.


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