Cheap DIY Halloween Costumes for Couples – Instagram , Snapchat , “The Dress”

Cheap and Easy Halloween Costume ideas for yourself and/ or for couples. What Color is this Dress – Snap Chat and Instagram Costumes.

Black/blue VS white/gold Costume:

Black, blue, gold, and white Ductape
($4.99 at Michaels or $3.00 at Home Depot)

XL white and black t-shirt
($3.99 each, BOGO at Michaels)
Snapchat (I got everything at Michaels)

-Big white Poster board ($2.99)
-Yellow poster (.89 cents?- you can double check the receipts that I put in your TB bag)
-yarn ($1)
-black and red marker
-White Tshirt (3.99)
Instagram: (I got everything at Michaels)

-Big white Poster board ($2.99)
-2 pieces of brown paper or foam
-2 pieces of black paper
-red, yellow, green and blue paper
-yarn ($1)
-black and red marker

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If you read all of the description, comment your favorite candy! Mmmmmm

*Music provided by Youtube Audio Library*

“Stay” and “La La La” by Otis McDonald
“About the Oldie” by Vibe Tracks