BURiED AT PUMPKIN CASTLE!! Adley Slide Reviews! A Halloween Tradition and Family Routine!

Niko and Adley can’t get enough of these slides!!

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Best Slide Day Ever 1026

Adley is so excited for this day! Every year we come to this pumpkin patch and Adley has a blast every single time. She was even asking Jenny “mom, can we go make a video with the big slide again?” and of course we said yes, because who doesn’t want to ride down the 45ft slide!! I’m also excited because this will be niko’s first time playing here!

We start heading up and Adley can’t decide what she wants to do first, do we go see the farm animals or do we go to the big slide? She decides the animals can wait and that the slide is where the family should go have fun first! We all grab potato sacks and wait our turn. Adley is so brave she goes down first and by herself, no problem. I follow after so I can film Jenny and Niko Bear going down for the first time. NIKO LOVES THE SLIDES!!

Adley finds a sandbox full of corn and starts doing corn angels in it before we decide to bury Adley in the corn like we did on the beach in Hawaii. After fun with corn, we find and inflatable bounce house for Adley to do tricks in and then tons more slides for the whole family to ride. Niko doesn’t want to stop riding slides, its so cute. As soon as he gets done he jumps up and starts heading for the top.

After tons of fun, we head over to the animals where we feed and pet goats and see some facinating turkeys. We also learn that Adley is a crazy good dancer when we find a stage and have a dance party!! We then end this adventure buying pumpkins for our house (and possibly and Adley video) and getting the kids some toys for being so good. Oh, we also spend a minute showing you guys the old plans we had for the spacestation when we were going to build it on the lake lot! Crazy how things change!!

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