Brunette Works Best On Emma Watson! What’s The Perfect Shade Of Brown For You?

At a New York screening of Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson returned to her natural color, brunette. Inspired? This brunette idea proves that brown hair doesn’t have to be boring. On the contrary, it is elegant and will boost your confidence.

Emma Watson Emma Watson

So, get ready to choose the perfect shade of brown for yourself? Let’s begin!

The Different Shades of Brown Hair Color

Every hair color has various shades. Blonde hair can range from ash through to bright strawberry blondes. As for brown, the main shades you will encounter consists of:
● Ash brown
● Natural brown
● Golden brown
● Caramel
● Red brown
● Mahogany
● Burgundy

shades of brown

Matching Brown Hair Colors

Ash brown Cool
Natural browns Cool
Golden brown Warm
Caramel Warm
Red browns Warm
Mahogany Cool/Warm
Burgundy Cool/Warm

Ash Brown

Ash brown is the coolest shade of brown hair color. For most people, this color is boring and dull. It is best used to help people get rid of brassy hair and to neutralize red tones in the hair.
If you have light complexion and blue eyes, ash blonde hair color is perfect for you. Others who are with a warm skin tone and eyes should avoid this shade for the contrast between your hair and skin will make you look drab.

light complextion

Natural Browns

Even though coolness and warmth is fairly balanced in natural brown shades, they are still on the cool side. So, these shades fit people who are with cool features best.

Kate Middleton

If you have warm features but still want to try a natural brown, choose a golden natural brown. This color is on the warmer side and will match your skin tone better.


Warm Browns

Warm brown hair colors change from golden brown to red browns. These shades include gold, copper and red tones which create warmth that suits people with warm features and brown or hazel eyes.
When you are choosing the perfect warm brown hair color for yourself, it’s your eyes that will decide the shade. Similar tones enhance each other. A golden brown hair color will make your hazel eyes more vibrant. The golden tones in your hair can bring out the golden tones in your hazel eyes.
Likewise, chocolate and caramel brown hair colors containing copper tones will bring out the copper tones in your brown eyes. There is an exception, red brown. If you have cool features and green eyes, you still can make it happen, depending on how vibrant the red shade is. Just don’t go too extreme.

Lily Collins

If you choose a red brown hair color, the level of maintenance is much higher than other shades, especially cherry red and deep scarlet brown. These colors will fade easily. The best idea to encounter is using color refresher shampoo.
Product recommendation: Quantum Riveting Reds Color Replenishing Shampoo, 33.8 oz., $32.96 (Amazon)

Quantum Riveting Reds Color Replenishing Shampoo

Mahogany and Burgundy

Mahogany is a combination of red and violet that results in a shade that is closer to red, whilst burgundy is more violet. They are fashionable shades.
If you have cool features, choose the mahogany shades that are less red; if you have warm features, choose the mahogany shades that are less violet. Burgundy shades are cooler and if you have a cool skin and green or blue eyes, choose them.

Drew Barrymore Emma Stone

Like the red brown hair color, the level of maintenance for mahogany and burgundy is higher. The color refresher shampoo is helpful.

Brown Hair Color Maintenance Tips

1. Reduce Hair Color Fading
● Choose a shampoo and conditioner that is designed for color treated hair
● Don’t use heat styling tools, if possible.
● Use hair care products with SPF protection.

shower girl hair dryer

2. Spend Some Quality Time With You Hair
● Give your hair a hot oil treatment
● Plan your daily hair care routine

oil treatment hair care

Go and pick the perfect shade of brown hair color that suits you best! Experience the difference!

Emma Watson

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