Blonde Or Brunette? No More Dilemma! 5 Shades of “Bronde” To Inspire Your Next Hair Color

Riddle me this: not blonde, not brunette, but somewhere in between and really pretty too. What am I? I’m bronde!

brond girl

Move over ombre, this year’s all about BRONDE–the hair colour trend that’s taking us by storm. Everyone loves it because it perfectly highlights your face and gives hair more dimension so it looks thicker. Plus, for fans of extensions, it makes it easier to find a color that will work with what you’ve already got.

brond hair

First, let’s get some dye-spiration from the celebrities who’ve nailed the look.

These Stars Have Chosen The Bronde’s Life

Flattering, fashionable and easy to maintain. You must be wondering why you hadn’t thought of it sooner! Here are some celebs who are already one step ahead…

brie larson

1.Brie Larson

The Oscar winner was spotted with a bronde hue while promoting her film Room in Tokyo, Japan.


2.Behati Prinsloo

The model and wife of Maroon 5 singer, Adam Levine, looked gorgeous as she showed off her sun-kissed bronde tresses.

3.Gisele Bündchen

3.Gisele Bündchen

The supermodel sported the ‘it’ hue whilst speaking at the UN.

Cara Delevingne

4.Cara Delevingne

She is the one leading the charge for the #bronde movement.

Rachel McAdams

5.Rachel McAdams

The famous hair chameleon is totally nailing the whole bronde thing.

Bronde Hair Ideas

There are different variations of this hair color that fit different personalities and styles.

1.Brunette Meets Platinum

1.Brunette Meets Platinum

2.Shoulder Length Bronde

2.Shoulder Length Bronde

3.Tousled Bronde Hair

3.Tousled Bronde Hair

4.Bronde,Curly And Beautiful

4.Bronde,Curly And Beautiful

5.Long Hair With Ash Bronde Color

5.Long Hair With Ash Bronde Color

How To Go Bronde: L’oreal-Paris’ Step-by-step Tutorial

Get this season’s hottest Bronde look with a little help from glamorous fashion blogger, Rosie Londoner. Follow Rosie’s #GoBronde tutorial on how to combine the best of blonde and brunette with the Préférence Glam Bronde hair colour kit from L’oreal-paris.

Préférence Glam Bronde

Make sure that you #GoBronde with the shade that’s right for you:
Préférence Glam Bronde 2: Dark to Light Blonde
Préférence Glam Bronde 3: Light Brown to Dark blonde
Préférence Glam Bronde 4: Brown to Light Brown hair
Préférence Glam Bronde 5: Dark Brown hair
Make sure you read the instructions carefully and it’s essential that you carry out an allergy alert test

1.Wear gloves and use a towel as you don’t want to ruin your clothes!

wear gloves

2.Don’t forget to shake the bottle well once you’ve mixed your Colourant Crème and Development Crème.


3.When applying the product with the brush, put emphasis on your lengths and tips to get your ends looking lighter.


4.Rinse thoroughly with conditioning shampoo then go and show off your gorgeous Bronde looks!


5. Tah-dah! here is the final look!

final look

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