Beach Time, Best Time: Brazilian Wax Your Way to a Bay Watch Bikini Bod

For anyone of you who has watched the film, just admit it, Baywatch was all about the dreamy American lifestyle that includes sun, sea and sexy flesh moving along beaches in slow motion. Apart from that, can anyone honestly remember anything else about it?


Besides that, girls…it also reminds us that it’s the beach time of year again!


With the weather getting warmer and the sun shining bright, unwanted hair is the last thing we want when we show up at the beach with our sexiest bikini on.


Don’t want a major faux pas at the pool or the beach? Time to book yourself a Brazilian waxing appointment.

What is a Brazilian wax?

A Brazilian wax is an extreme bikini wax, which means removing all the hair down there, and most or all of the wax on the front. The after – wax effect usually last three to four weeks, and we recommend that you are waxed at four-week intervals.

brazilian wax

The number one reason why people have Brazilian waxes is that it hugely improves your sex life. Not only will your partner love it, but it also increases your sensitivity and pleasure. Try it once and you will feel naughty again!

reason for brazilian wax

Another major reason is that, with your hair completely gone down there, you can wear skimpy lingerie and bikini without fear of pubes escaping, plus you will also feel a lot cleaner and more hygienic down there.

brazilian wax

Beforehand Tips

1. Let it grow. A big mistake many women make before getting their first wax: shaving. Hair before waxing should be about 1/4 inches long because wax can’t pick up your hairs when they’re too short. But you can leave it alone if you’re unsure of how long that is.

let it grow

2. Yes, it DOES hurt like hell. Down a generous glass of vino an hour or so before, and stock up on some ice to ease the pain. According to some professional waxers at wax centers, a few pre-wax sips can help you relax, which is key to a faster treatment.

it hurts like hell

3. Wear a skirt. This is because your lower half will be fully exposed. Otherwise, you will have to strip off your pants and underwear before wax. In the case of Brazilian waxing, where you are having more hair removed than just on the sides, you will likely be completely naked.

wear a skirt

Salon Secrets: What to Expect During a Brazilian Wax

Waxers Would Love It If You…

1. Keep that part clean. Do a quick cleanup with towelettes(we recommend La Fresh’s, $1.69). This will make you feel more confident for the upcoming waxing.

keep clean

2. Tip up. We know you might be the 15 percent kind of girl, but we would suggest that you go for 18 to 20 percent, cuz hey, it’s lady parts we are talking about here.

tip up

3. If you are at your special time, wear a tampon. Most waxers won’t mind waxing during your special time only if you have cleared it with them first. But for you, it might hurt more since your skin is more sensitive this time.

wear a tampon

4. Do a skin check. Make sure your skin is healthy enough to be put on wax. If you have any skin diseases like psoriasis or an STD that causes sores, rearrange your appointment when you have completely resolved those issues.

do a skin check

After-care hints

Spring for soothing serum before bed, since the area will get red, sore, and a little bumpy. Our recommendation here goes to the magical European Wax Center Ingrown Hair Serum, $25.


For the 24 hours afterwards, keep in mind that you must avoid all access to hot baths, showers, or sun exposure including fake tans. Also, ingrown hairs can be treated with daily application of Tend Skin, $30 – it really works!

tend skin

So, here we have shown you pretty much everything there is to know about Brazilian waxing. Hope we have made this unknown adventure exciting enough for you to take on. Good Luck!

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