A Look at J.Law’s Endearing Goofy Moments Before Mother! Premier

Jennifer Lawrence is taking Mother!, Darren Aronofsky’s latest horror film, to Venice for it’s premiere. According to the little we know about the film, J.Law continues to look bonkers. But off screen, she is just bonkers, but in an adorable way!

1.Acting at ease and confident. Turns out inside she’s just a girl who gets nervous in front of Jack Nicholson.

2. Hard to think of someone else who would accidentally kiss another actress and say “Oh my God~! We just kissed on camera! And I liked it!”

3.Burnt out just for a smooth opening shoot …

4.Both of them seem to be having a good time

5.When asked about where she got her brilliant acting talent, here’s how she replied….(Well, good for you,J.)

6.The most famous J.Law’s goofy moment,the time when she tripped over on her way to accept her Academy Award.

7.when she found out that it was Hugh Jackman who helped her up…

8.And she fell again…Seems like she doesn’t quite get along with gowns.

9. Tripping again but landing beautifully by gripping other humans

Jennifer Lawrence

10.When she sneakily gave Josh Hutcherson the middle finger.

11.Oh, the most important thing to know about J is that she’s always hungry~

12.A sip of soda? Any time!

13. I’m hot. Get used to it.

14. And she shows us how BFF greets each other.

Jennifer Lawrence

15. Oh, Jennifer Lawrence. You’re the type of girl we all imagine being BFF with, and you happen to be a wildly brilliant Oscar-awarded actress.

Just keep being who you are, and we’ll love you for you.

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