33 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas!

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for girls, kids, and teenagers! 33 Halloween Costumes using clothes you have in your closet! Share this video with your friends who need a Halloween costume!

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Halloween Costumes
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Career Costumes:
1:02 Nerd: Overalls, button up shirt, socks, glasses, books, homework
1:16 Krispy Kreme Worker: Krispy Kreme hat, white t-shirt, white skirt or overalls, donut
1:25 Painter: white cap, overalls, paint can, paint brush, tennis shoes
1:36 Tech Person: Virtual Reality goggles, Instagram sweatshirt, macbook, iphone, backpack
1:46 Lumberjack: plaid shirt, faux fur hat, binoculars, denim shorts, boots
1:54 Dentist: Long button up shirt, tooth brush, syringe, DIY face mask

0:30 Mom from Stranger Things: Army jacket, stripe top, Christmas lights, phone
2:21 Scream Queens: faux fur coat, pink dress, high heels, butter knife, pearls, choker
2:32 Eleven from Stranger Things: Denim shirt, wig cap, pink dress with collar, tennis shoes, blonde wig, waffle
2:52 A from Pretty Little Liars: red coat, red fabric, sunglasses, red shoes

Nostalgic Costumes:
3:06 90�۪s Chick: bomber jacket, flip phone, tomogachi, leggings, tennis shoes.
3:16 Little Red Ridding Hood: red jacket with DIY hood, white dress, red socks, basket
3:25 Hitting Rock Bottom: Grey hat, grey hoodie, black pants, backpack
3:31 Waldo from Where�۪s Waldo: Stripe top, red hat, denim shorts, stripe socks, tennis shoes, glasses

Cartoon Characters:
3:50 Hipster Ariel from Little Mermaid: white t-shirt, purple clam shells, red wig, beanie, green pants, red heels
4:11 Belle Beauty & the Beast: Yellow Dress, White Gloves
4:20 Peach from Mario: pink puffy dress, high heels, gold crown, white gloves
4:31 Minnie Mouse: black top, suede shorts, Disneyland ears, gloves, tennis shoes

Magical /Historical Costumes:
4:47 Witch: maxi skirt, witches hat, lace top, chopstick
4:56 Gypsy: scarf head wrap, black cardigan, cards, necklaces, rings
5:13 Greek Goddess: Long gown, leaf crown, pinecones

Internet Famous:
5:32 Instagram Model: Bright wig, lace robe, tea, vitamins, cell phone
0:50 Kylie Lip Kit: white shirt and skirt, DIY lip
5:44 Tumblr Galaxy Girl: galaxy dress, lavender wig, flower crown
5:51 Unicorn: purple wig, unicorn horn headpiece, white onesie
6:05 Poop Emoji: Poop pillow, brown sweatshirt

Animal Costumes
6:20 Deer: Deer head piece, brown sweatshirt, large oval
6:36 Shark: grey towel, red wig, black pants
6:45 Kawaii Bear: Onesie and cute socks

Fashion Icons:
6:59 Audrey Hepburn: black dress, black heels, black sunglasses, chopstick, pearls, black gloves
7:11 Yeezy Model: Army green
7:18 Rosey the Riverter, red bandana, denim shirt, denim shorts
7:27 Tourist: selfie stick, binoculars, graphic t-shirts and hats

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