30 Of The Most Unbelievably Larger Than Life Athletes

Athletes are devoted to foster a career that is larger than life. Some athletes achieve this mythical status of sorts because they ARE larger than life. Just look at these titans.

1. Basketballer Manute Bol – 7’7″

At 7’7″, Bol may as well have been walking out of a Kaiju movie each time he stepped onto the court because those legs can clear buildings.


2. Basketballer Gheorghe Muresan – 7’7″

Tied with Manute Bol as the tallest player in NBA history, 7’7″ Gheorghe Muresan is a certified giant. Injuries cut the Romanian center’s NBA career short, but not before leading the league in field goal percentage twice (1996, 1997).

3. Basketballer Yao Ming – 7’6″

The 7’6″ center from China was selected No. 1 overall by the Houston Rockets and proved to be a force of nature. The former CBA MVP (2001) and champion (2002) went on to be an All-Star in eight of his nine NBA seasons before a slew of ankle and foot injuries forced an early retirement.


4. Basketballer Shawn Bradley – 7’6″

Even though he isn’t the tallest, there’s no doubt that Shawn Bradley’s height, 7’6″, qualifies him as a very big dude, even by NBA standards.


5. Basketballer Margo Dydek – 7’2″

The Polish native was notably the tallest professional female basketball player in the world at 7’2″.


6. Baseballer Loek Van Mil – 7’1″

Dutch pitcher Loek Van Mil never quite made it all the way to the majors, fluctuating between AA and AAA in his time playing in the States, but watching a 7’1″ pitcher put in work at any professional level is a thing of beauty.

7. Basketballer Eddy Curry – 7’0″

When Eddy Curry was selected with the fourth overall pick in the 2001 NBA draft, he just kept growing and growing. Unfortunately, the 7’0″ center happened to be growing outward, not upward.

8. Baseballer Jon Rauch – 6’11”

Amongst the many tall pitchers stands Jon Rauch whose 6’11” frame makes it seem like his head should have one of those blinking red skyscraper lights when he’s on the mound for a night game.

9. Tennis Player Ivo Karlovic – 6’11”

At 6’11”, a Karlovic serve is enough to strike fear in the heart of the toughest opponent and lift him as high as No. 14 in ATP world rankings.


10. Tennis Player John Isner – 6’10”

It’s hard to argue that John Isner doesn’t use height to his advantage on the tennis court, because this 6’10” has had a fantastic career.


11. Soccer Paul Millar – 6’10”

Standing at 6’10” Millar even has an advantage on getting a header over the likes of Peter Crouch. A devastating ACL injury in 2014 likely led to a premature retirement in 2016.


12. Basketballer Troy “Escalade” Jackson – 6’10” and 500 lb

The 6’10” baller reportedly weighed in at roughly 500 lb in high school and community college before dropping a buck and a quarter to make the roster University of Louisville roster.

13. Hockey player Zdeno Chara – 6’9″

At 6’9″, Chara towers over the competition and is (understandably) not afraid to throw down with anyone.

14. Hockey Player John Scott – 6’8″

Considering Scott towered over his opponents at 6’8″, seeing him take off the gloves to throw down with is about the most intimidating scenario opponents can be in.


15. Soccer Peter Crouch – 6’7″

Crouching might be a problem for Peter. With a height of 6 feet 7 inches, English footballer Peter Crouch is the tallest player to have ever stepped onto the pitch. What’s remarkable is his elite level of play despite standing at 6’7″.

16. Baseballer Aaron Judge – 6’7″

While this 6’7″ slugger offers a ginormous strike zone, pitchers usually keep busy watching Judge crank their ball into the upper decks.

17. Wrestler Andre The Giant – 7’4″ and 520 lb

Andre the Giant stood at 7’4″ and weighed a whopping… wait for it… 520 lb! His overwhelming size was a result of acromegaly which, unfortunately, led to an early death at the age of 46.

18. Wrestler Dalip “The Great Khali” Singh Rana – 7’1″

The Great Khali is a marvel, indeed. With his head in the clouds at 7’1″ and a built frame make this titan far more than a man on stilts.

19. Wrestler Bob Sapp – 6’5″ and 350 lb

Bob Sapp is like a real-life version of the action movie villain’s monster henchman. At 6’5″ and 350 lb, this football player turned mixed martial artist is one seriously intimidating dude.

20. Sumo Player Emmanuel Yarbrough – 6’8″ and 882 lb

Yarbrough stands tall at 6’8″ and, according to Guinness World Records, has weighed as much as 882 lb!

21. Sumo Wrestler Sharran Alexander – 6’0″ and 448 lb

Men and women alike, good luck stepping into the dohyo with this sumo wrestler. This 6’0″ giant tips the scale at a stunning 448 lb. That was enough to claim the throne as the Guinness World Records’ heaviest sportswoman in 2013.

22. Boxer Eric “Butterbean” Esch – 5’11” and 425 lb

Despite weighing a whopping 425 lb while standing at 5’11” – yeah, let that sink in – Butterbean was a wrecking ball in the boxing ring before retiring with a 77-10-4 record.


23. Wrestler Paul “Big Show” Wight – 7’0″, 383 lb

The 7’0″, 383 lb professional wrestler has been wrestling since 1995 and a staple of the WWE since 1999.


24. Footballer William “The Refrigerator” Perry – 335 lb

Coming in hot at 335 lb, The Fridge was to running backs and quarterbacks what a cement wall is to test cars. The Fridge played 10 NFL seasons, but his Super Bowl champion rookie season was undeniably the most memorable.

25. Footballer Nate Newton – 6’3″ and 335 lb

Newton used every bit of his 6’3″, 335 lb frame to bully defenders and keep his quarterback safe. From going undrafted out of college to earning six Pro Bowl selections and winning three rings, Newton’s career was as big as him.


26. Boxer Nikolai Valuev – 7’0″ and 328 lb

The toll that wrestling takes on the body is no joke, but stepping in the ring with Valuev means prepping to take punches from a 7’0″, 328 lb behemoth.


27. Kickboxer Choi Hong-man –  7’2″ and 310-365 lb

South Korea only needs one man to be a terror in two rings. Choi Hong-man, billed at 7’2″ and 310-365 lb, took his gargantuan talent to kickboxing and MMA.


28. Bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman – 5’11” and 300 lb

Coleman’s competition weight is roughly 300 lb (he’s only 5’11”), and his arms measure 24 in. Get yourself some measuring tape and enjoy the comparison.


29. Golfer John Daly – 5’11” and 285 lb

Daly, who is 5’11”, reportedly maxed out at 285 lb before his game began to deteriorate, undergoing lap-band surgery in 2008.

30. Golfer Phil Blackmar – 6’7″

Golf is probably one of the last sports in which height gives competitors some sort of advantage. In fact, the wear and tear larger bodies endure likely gives shorter athletes an edge in terms of durability. That didn’t stop 6’7″ Phil Blackmar enjoying a 15-year journey on the PGA Tour.

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