21 Celebrity Baby Names That Are (Gasp!) Totally Normal

It’s been something of a trend among fad amongst celebs their offer quirky youngsters eccentric as North, Apple and BabyMcBabyFaceAs well as It comes at a little bit of a shock these days, when a renowned individual offers their infant a completely regular name.
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This pair called their 2 little girls Frances as well as Molly. 10. 11.
This pair has 4 kids, all with totally regular names: Michael, Brendan, Ella, as well as Grace.


12. Sarah Jessica Parker as well as Matthew Broderick

These 2 offered their 2 little girls rather typical names: Marion as well as Tabitha. 13. 14.

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The “Bones” starlet invited a boy in 2011 and also called him Henry.


18. Stacy Keibler and also Jared Pobre

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/ > 19. Colin Farrell honored his boys with mainstream names: James as well as Henry. 20.


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