21 Celebrities You Didn’t Realize Were Car Nuts

Some people collect stamps; some are into baseball cards; but celebrities kick things up a notch and collect cars. These stars have collected an array of vehicles that any automobile lover would salivate over. Click through to see which cars the rich and famous are enjoying today.

1. Beyonce – Be Into Especially Luxury Cars

Queen Bey has pretty much every luxury vehicle in the world, ranging from exotic supercars to lavish vehicles, to family vans. Beyonce really does seem to be into her luxury rides, and she loves to cruise around town in wonderful cars, especially in her decked-out Mercedes-Benz Sprinter limousine.


2. David Beckham – Have Exotic Cars Fitting For A King

The soccer legend boasts quite an impressive car collection, including a Bentley Bentayga, a Cadillac Escalade, and a Rolls-Royce Ghost, to name just a few. Beckham’s fleet of exotic cars is definitely fit for a king.


3. Jay Leno – Have About 136 Automobiles

Leno is as well known for his massive stash of cars as he is for his comedy. His car collection consists of around 136 automobiles, all spectacular and all very pricey, including a 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing coupe, which is worth over $1 million.


4. Lady Gaga – A Car Chick

Lady Gaga is definitely a car chick! Her taste runs from classic muscle to elegant sedans and all the way through to modern supercars. Owning everything from a Rolls Royce to an El Camino, she obsesses most over an off-white 1965 Lincoln Continental, which is an icon of the golden age of the Detroit luxury motor car.


5. Jerry Seinfeld – Own Most Valuable Car Collection

This stand-up comedian has a fantastic car collection that is considered to be one of the most valuable in the country. His talk show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, features all his classic motors. Fun fact, Seinfeld owned 46 Porsches before auctioning off a few of them for over $22 million in 2016.


6. Miley Cyrus – Bought A Porsche Cayenne GTS At 16

It should come as no surprise that the former Disney star and singing sensation also has a car obsession. Cyrus treated herself to a Porsche Cayenne GTS when she turned 16. Since then, models like Infiniti G35, Range Rover Sport, and Mercedes-Benz ML450 Hybrid have found their way into her garage.


7. John Cena – A Muscle Car Enthusiast

The hulking wrestler is a low key car enthusiast – a muscle car enthusiast to be exact. Cena has more than 20 cars, and some of these are one of a kind, such as the 1971 Plymouth Road Runner.


8. Paris Hilton – Have Several Supercars

This heiress to the multi-million dollar Hilton Hotels empire likes cars and owns at least half a dozen supercars and luxury cars. In addition to her famous Barbie-pink Bentley, there’s also a Ferrari, a Rolls-Royce, a Cadillac Escalade, and more in her garage.


9. Justin Bieber – Like To Customise Cars

This rich kid is a huge car fanatic and has a massive collection of extravagant cars, such as a completely un-subtle, Batman-themed Cadillac CTS-V, a Lamborghini Aventador, a Ferrari F430, and a Fisker Karma. Bieber likes to customise his cars and loves fast machines.


10. Kanye West – Own Many Super Rare Vehicles

Kanye’s car collection is bound to make any automobile fan jealous. His stable is chock-full of super rare vehicles by Porsche, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Maybach, and more.


11. Mischa Barton – Love Vintage Cadillacs Particularly

Barton’s passion for cars has been ingrained in her since she was a child star. She learnt to drive at just 11 years old. In Esquire Network’s car enthusiast show, Joyride, Barton indulges in her real-life car obsession as a co-host. She has a particular affinity for vintage Cadillacs.


12. Missy Elliott – A Huge Supercars Collector

This ageless rapper is such a huge car collector that her mother even publicly expressed worry over the money she’d drained into building her collection. Elliott’s extensive car collection includes supercars from Mercedes, Lambos and even a few Rolls-Royces.


13. Nicolas Cage – Owns Some Golden Pieces Of Machinery

From a small army of Rolls-Royce cars to a Ferrari Enzo and the infamous Eleanor from Gone In Sixty Seconds, Cage has some pretty golden pieces of machinery. When he got into financial trouble, his car collection was the last thing he wanted to part with.


14. Patrick Dempsey – Have 10 Cars With Personality

The Grey’s Anatomy star and race-car driver has up to ten cars, each of them with a tremendous personality. His first car was a 1963 Porsche 356 that he still has today. Dempsey also has a 1972 Jaguar E-Type, which is one of the most iconic sports cars in history.


15. Ralph Lauren – Have Over 70 Cars

The billionaire fashion guru has a glamorous collection of over 70 cars, which is perhaps the highest-valued in the world, with an estimated worth of at least $300 million. His 1930 Mercedes Benz SSK “Count Trossi” is truly a one-of-a-kind car.


16. Janet Jackson – Have No Shortage Of Cars

Janet Jackson has two Lamborghinis, a Bentley, and an Aston Martin in her garage. When she wants to go for a joy ride, Janet has plenty of choices.


17. Simon Cowell – Have The Most Beautiful Cars

This music mogul and reality TV puppeteer has one of the most beautiful car collections in the world, packed full of British beauties and Italian exotics. His caravan of cars consists of Rolls-Royces, Bentleys, Jaguars, Aston Martins, Ferraris, and more.


18. Steven Tyler – Have A Monstrously Powerful Venom

Nobody would want to “Walk This Way” when they could ride in any of Tyler’s cars. His impressive collection includes a Panoz AIV Roadster, a Porsche Turbo, and a monstrously powerful Hennessey Venom GT, which is one of the world’s fastest street-legal cars.


19. Usain Bolt – Love Ferraris in Particular

The garage of the world’s fastest man really lives up to his speedy reputation. The track superstar has got an affinity for Ferraris – having bought a handful of Ferraris, such as a Ferrari 458, a Ferrari F430, and a Ferrari convertible.


20. Eric Bana – A Ford Fan

This Aussie is such a massive car nut that he produced the documentary Love the Beast about his 1973 Ford Falcon XB hardtop, which is his pride and joy and has accompanied him since he was a teenager. Bana is also a handy racer.


21. James Hetfield –  A Traditional Car Guru

The Metallica co-founder is a real car enthusiast, especially for classic cars. Hetfield’s mind-blowing collection is mostly made up of traditional hot rods, such as a 1934 Packard dubbed Aquarius and a 1936 Ford coupe nicknamed Iron Fist.


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