20 Photos Political Leaders Don’t Want You To See

Politicians are held to a much higher standard than everyone else. But just like everyone else, they have slip ups. And once photographers snap a picture of that moment, it can last forever. Click through for the 20 best perfectly timed photos politicians hope didn’t exist.


1. Hillary Clinton And Christina Aguilera

“Hillary, My eyes are up here!”


2. Bill Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton is touching a young lady who doesn’t seem to be too pleased about it.


3. Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton tried to keep her dress down with little success. This Marilyn Monroe pose is all thanks to a gust of wind and a photographer with perfect timing.


4. Joe Biden

During the 2012 campaign, Vice President Biden was caught getting very cozy with some local bikers.


5. Queen Elizabeth With Barack And Michelle Obama

The wretched wind strikes again. First Lady Michelle Obama is struggling to keep herself together, while the wind almost blows off Queen Elizabeth II’s hat.


6. Vladimir Putin

A topless protester got Vladimir Putin excited while he was visiting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany.


7. Bill and Hillary Clinton

Maybe this dog knew about the affair between Monica Lewinsky and President Bill Clinton before everyone else did.


8. George W. Bush

It is a Thanksgiving Day tradition for the U.S. President to pardon a turkey. Each time it is a weird and awkward sight, but this time it’s just plain entertaining.


9. Sarah Palin And Taylor Swift

The pop star Taylor Swift was seated next to Sarah Palin during Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary Show. She crossed her arms with an angry expression on her face and at one point even appeared to be rolling her eyes. She was definitely not so happy with her seating placement.


10. Helle Thorning-Schmidt & President Obama

Selfies are the kind of thing you can enjoy anywhere, even during Nelson Mandela’s funeral.


11. Helle Thorning-Schmidt

Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt took a tumble down the steps of Elysee Palace.


12. President Bill Clinton And First Lady Hillary Clinton

A photographer snapped a photo of Hillary Clinton glaring daggers at her husband after the press conference about the Monica Lewinsky scandal. She’s a scary lady.


13. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama

Former President Bill Clinton and Baraka Obama playing golf together. From the look on Bill’s face, the two may be nagging about their wives.


14. Nicolas Sarkozy and Maud Fontenoy

When yachtswoman Maud Fontenoy posed with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, she probably wasn’t expecting this kind of hand gesture.


15. George W. Bush

This little guy may have been born a Democrat considering his hysterical reaction.


16. Hillary Clinton

This young girl is clearly not amused about whatever Hillary Clinton is laughing about. Many people would have probably shared that expression.


17. Bill Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton warming up before a marathon. Though, he needs to be more careful about his choice of exercise shorts. You really dropped the ball there Bill.


18. Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev

No smile, no eye contact. Either they just really don’t care for each other or something happened between them that they’re too ashamed to deal with.


19. Miriam Leone And Silvio Berlusconi

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was caught taking a gander at Miriam Leone’s backside as she exited the stage. As seen here, Berlusconi was quite the playboy.


20. Vladimir Putin and Queen Elizabeth II

Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to have no interest in assisting Queen Elizabeth II down the steps during the D-Day Memorial while U.S. President Baraka Obama and New Zealand’s Governor-General Jerry Mateparae are the only gentlemen.


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