20 Photos Of Celebrities Without Makeup You Won’t Recognize

Stunned by the flawless beauty of glamorous celebrities? Believe it or not, they are just pimply mortals without makeup. With the magic of a makeup artist’s brush, you can turn into gorgeous creations of God. Click through to find out what these 20 bare-faced celebrities look like.

1. Sofia Vergara

As one of the most beautiful people in Hollywood, how does Sofia Vergara fare without her makeup on?


2. Jennifer Lawrence

She looks amazing either way.


3. Kim Kardashian

Is that really Kim Kardashian?


4. Sharon Stone

Tough to keep up after the age of 60.


5. Uma Thurman

Her masculine facial features and otherwise harsh appearance stand out with, or without makeup.


6. Faith Hill

The country music singer Faith Hill is hard to recognize without her makeup on, a tactic she often utilizes to travel without being stopped.


7. AnnaLynne McCord

AnnaLynne McCord sets a celebrity example of just how much difference makeup can have.


8. Madonna

Madonna’s photo teaches us that age catches up to every one of us.


9. Eva Longoria

“Desperate House Wife” Eva Longoria is a good example of people who have gone through divorce and managed to come out of it looking better than before they even got married.


10. Nicollette Sheridan

Without her makeup, it looks like Nicollette has dried up like a raisin.


11. Mila Kunis

Mila has proven the true power of what makeup can do for someone in need.


12. Tyra Banks

We would all agree that Tyra Banks looks better than every one of us in every conceivable way.


13. Katie Couric

Without makeup, she looks like she is having an allergic reaction, or that she was the victim of an unfortunate accident.


14. Lady Gaga

Gaga is a pure fashionista, but sans makeup her plain Jane appearance and rough complexion isn’t giving us very much to go Gaga over.


15. Kathy Griffin

Are we looking at Kathy Griffin on her daily workout or is that actually Carrot Top?


16. Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian looks rather similar to how she normally does and is one of the few stars who actually benefitted from their makeup-less photos being released.


17. Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway has received some serious backlash as a response to her photos without makeup: The “Les Miserables” star was told that she didn’t even need to attend costuming for her physically unflattering film role… all she had to do was show up naturally.


18. Kelly Osbourne

She’s definitely not cleaned herself up over the years.


19. Beyonce

A natural beauty.


20. Maria Shriver

A Kennedy always looks good, right?


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