20 Hottest Women In Marvel Movies Ever

It is no secret that most people (especially guys) like Marvel movies in which the explosions, the car chases and the special effects are thrilling. However, it’s extra exciting to see a Marvel movie that features a hot woman doing these things. Here is a collection of 20 hottest women in Marvel movies ever.

1. Scarlett Johansson – Black Widow

Most people love superheroes and even better when those roles are cast by the actresses we like. With a hot body, Black Widow can satisfy all those fantasies.

2. Jennifer Garner – Elektra Natchios

In her sexy red outfit, Elektra played by Jennifer Garner, can make your journey in the wonderful world of hot babes complete. It was a smart choice for the director to choose Jennifer to cast this role.

3. Jaimie Alexander – Sif

As we all know, all the women you’ve ever seen comics all have large boobs. However, Jamie Alexander also has her own advantages and hotness scale. She has the ability to make people love her.

4. Zoe Kravitz – Angel Salvadore

You must be familiar with the surname Kravitz, yes, Zoe is the daughter of the singer Lenny Kravitz. Portrayed by Zoe Kravitz, Angel Salvadore is also known by her codename Tempest who is a mutant in X-Men.

5. Emma Stone – Gwen Stacy

Emma Stone looks hot in almost any movie that she’s starred in, but did you know that she is mainly known for her role in “Spider-Man”? Her character Gwen Stacy left a good impression that most of us won’t forget. She did a great job in this film.

6. January Jones – Emma Frost

You might remember January Jones in the series “Mad Men”, because she played Betty. Wearing so little clothing, Emma Frost played by January Jones in “X-Men” also took the sexiness and coolness to a whole new level.

7. Gwyneth Paltrow – Pepper Potts

How did “Iron Man” become such a successful commercial movie? Pepper Potts portrayed by Gwyneth Paltrow contributed a lot to this film. With her hot figure and professional performance, she helped lead the film to great success.

8. Famke Janssen – Jean Grey

As one of the most famous and best storylines created by Marvel, “X-Men” has featured many skilled actors and actresses and one of them is Famke Janssen. Knowing what men think when they see her, Jean Grey made her performance achieve reach new heights.

9. Jennifer Connelly – Betty Ross

The American actress Jennifer Connelly graduated from Yale University and Stanford University. In 2003, Jennifer Connelly played the role of Betty Ross in the film “Hulk”, which left us a good impression.

10. Ellen Page – Shadowcat

Considered to be one of the hottest movie superheroines in the world, Ellen Page was also perfectly cast in “X-Men: The Last Stand”. She has mastered what the audiences like and showed them as much as possible to attract them.

11. Eva Mendes – Roxanne Simpson

Roxanne Simpson from “Ghost Rider”, played by Eva Mendes, showed us that she has a great body, but can also act. She’s surely one of the hottest superheroes in movie history.

12. Kirsten Dunst – Mary Jane Watson

Most of the people are familiar with the movie “Spider-Man”, and you must have noticed the hot girl Mary Jane Watson is played by Kirsten Dunst. To attract audiences, she showed us both her innocent appearance and her wild side.

13. Cobie Smulders – Maria Hill

Contrast Maria with what we are familiar with and it seems to be an 180-degree turn for Cobie Smulders. She has done a good job playing the role of Maria Hill, because this is one of the toughest characters in the movie.

14. Natalie Portman – Jane Foster

As most people’s favorite actress, Natalie Portman can deal with any character the director gives her. Directed by Alan Taylor, this story takes place after Marvel’s “The Avengers”, which results in the friction between Thor and Jane.

15. Hayley Atwell – Peggy Carter

It is known to all that to develop a sense of justice and vengance, superheroes need to sacrifice their loved ones. Peggy Carter played by Hayley Atwell was very attractive and made the movie great success.

16. Sophie Turner – Jean Grey

You must think that we have made a mistake here since there are two Jean Greys on our list. However, the reason for this is to show that the legacy left behind by Marvel will endure.

17. Jessica Alba – Invisible Woman

To understand the subtitle well, you need to know the characters from the Marvel Universe well. How can Jessica Alba become an invisible woman? Setting her apart from every other woman on earth, Jessica can also narrow the field of view of every man quickly.

18. Anna Paquin – Rogue

Another hot woman appeared on our list is Anna Paquin who played the role as Rogue in “X-Men”. It is said by many that Rouge played by Anna Paquin is one of the most attractive characters to exist in the Marvel universe.

19. Jennifer Lawrence – Mystique

We need to say thanks to the creators of makeup and costumes since the appearance of Jennifer Lawrence in “X-Men: Days of Future Past” fuels our fantasies. However, she needed to endure eight hours of body makeup for the character every day.

20. Halle Berry – Storm

To people who love superhero films Berry is no stranger since she has played Storm three times in the “X-Men” series. In this movie, she played as Storm who was an experienced and mature mutant who taught others to be aware of their powers.

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