20 Celebrities Who Lost Their V-cards Shockingly Young

Nowadays people around the world are losing their first time at a very young age, and this is also amazingly true for celebrities. Check out these 20 A-list stars who lost their V-card long before their time in the spotlight.


1. Matthew McConaughey – 15

Matthew said he lost his V-card at 15 during an interview for playboy. But when asked for more details, he firmly said, “None of your business. I don’t kiss and tell”.


2. Johnny Depp – 13

At age 13, Johnny Depp played guitar in a band called The Flame. During this experience, he lost his V-card with a groupie in the back of the band’s van.


3. Steve Tyler – 7

Tyler lost his V-card at age 7 after sitting in between two French twins at his church’s choir. He’s been fond of twins ever since, which might explain why his ex-wife was a twin and his girlfriend was also a twin.


4. Lil Wayne – 11

The rapper said he was playing a game of “Win, Lose or Draw” which got super kinky when the 13-year-old girl wrote “F – k me”.


5. Angelina Jolie – 14

Jolie lost her V-card at age 14 to her high school boyfriend. Then things got a little weird when she grabbed a knife and cut her boyfriend and he cut her back as a way of physical and emotional connecting.


6. Jaime Pressly – 14

Jaime Pressly admitted losing her V-card at 14 but the experience wasn’t very good, and the guy didn’t even finish.


7. Paris Hilton – 15

At 15, Paris Hilton lost her V-card to the 17-year-old Randy Spelling, son of Aaron Spelling.


8. Kelly Osbourne – 13

Kelly Osbourne lost her V-card at 13, but things got pretty scary when she hadn’t gotten her period a couple of weeks later. Fortunately, she wasn’t pregnant.


9. Gillian Anderson – 13

Anderson told FHM that she lost her V-card at 13 to a punk who later turned into a Neo-Nazi. But she didn’t like the moment because it was embarrassing.


10. Dustin Hoffman – 15

When he was 15, Dustin Hoffman lost her V-card to an older woman.


11. Anthony Kiedis – 12

At age 12, Anthony’s father pimped his 18-year-old girlfriend to Anthony and even allowed him to use his bed.


12. Khloe Kardashian – 14

At 14, Khloe lost her V-card to a much older and manipulative man. She had a tough time adjusting to her daily routine after her first time.


13. Britney Spears – 14

Think that Britney’s first time was with Justin? Then you are wrong. Britney lost her V-card at 14 to a football player boyfriend who was five years her senior.


14. Snooki – 14

When Snooki was 14, she lost her V-card to a guy who used saran because he didn’t have a condom.


15. Robin Thicke – 13

When asked how he felt when he lost his V-card at 13, Thicke admitted that he would have wanted to make it last 30 seconds longer.


16. Matthew Fox – 12

Matthew lost his V-card at 12 to a much older and experienced person by a river in Dubois, Wyoming. He said the moment was awkward and terrible.


17. Chris Brown – 8

At age 8, Chris Brown and his male cousins all watched porn together, which made him quite curious. So at that very age, he lost his V-card to a girl who was about 15 years old.


18. Sean Combs (P. Diddy) – 13

He had been trying to lose his V-card since age 7. He once climbed on top of a girl, but his mother stopped him. Then at 13, he managed to lose it at a cheap hotel in the Bronx.


19. Kety Perry – 16

Katy Perry was only 16 and in the front seat of a Volvo Sedan when she gave up her V-card.


20. Josh Brolin – 11

Josh Brolin told Men’s Journal that he lost his V-card to a girl named Greta when he was 11.


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