20 Best Celebrity Photobomb That Will Make You Wanna Look Twice

From candid shots at home to red carpet shenanigans, celebrities are just as happy as the rest of us to ruin somebody else’s photo opportunity. Here is a list of 20 best celebrity photobombs we collected for your viewing pleasure.


1. Jennifer LawrenceHere is Jennifer Lawrence roaring up the red carpet behind an unaware Taylor Swift. The gleefully maniacal look on her face makes us happy that she’s in the world.


2. Benedict CumberbatchThis photobomb is a classic example of the genre, tweaking the self-serious rock group U2 with a flash appearance by the Sherlock star.


3. Justin BieberHere is Justin Bieber rocking an A+ creep game. We’ve never been happier to see the kid.


4. Dustin Hoffman and Jack BlackThe legendary Hoffman and funnyman Black pop up behind a table, wearing their personalities on their faces, while Angelina smiles for a press photo.


5. Lady GagaWhile Katy Perry stands to point off camera with confidence, we see a glimmer of menace on the edge of the red carpet.


6. Taylor SwiftWe don’t think Taylor is trying to hog the limelight so much as play a joke on a good pal. Don’t hate on her.


7. Jay – ZApparently, something smells rotten in the recording studio, because that’s the best “ew” face we’ve ever seen.


8. Johnny DeppThese two weirdos, Johny Depp and director Tim Burton, have been the closest friends since their first pairing on Edward Scissorhands


9. Cara DelevingneA red carpet sneak attack by Cara Delevingne.


10. Robert PattinsonTwilight star Robert Pattinson decided to have a bit of fun when obliging a photo opportunity with some fans while out on the town.


11. George ClooneyThis is what happens when Steven Spielberg, Jessica Seinfeld, and Jerry Seinfeld try to get a photo taken in the same room as George Clooney.


12. Jared LetoSome of us have been fans since his iconic turn as Jordan Catalano on My So-Called Life, but Jared Leto is making new ones every day.


13. Lupita Nyong’oHere is Lupita photobombing her fellow award-winning actors Matthew McConaughey.


14. Kourtney KardashianWhile not everyone is a fan of the Kardashian clan, we’ve at least got to admit the family shows their love in often fun and playful ways.


15. Paul GiamattiAt a 2005 awards ceremony, Sandra Oh and Thomas Hayden Church were sharing a warm embrace when co-star Paul Giamatti leaped between with his trademark wild grimace.


16. Chris RockThis sure is Chris Rock doing a mock double-take toward Rihanna’s derriere, to the enjoyment of all.


17. Nathan FillionWho doesn’t love Nathan Fillion? so when he wants to photobomb the director of his latest film, James Gunn, along with star Ellen Page, all we can do is cheer him on.


18. Johnny KnoxvilleWith this image, we see Jackass’ Johnny Knoxville dropping an epic photobomb on the demure Jessica Alba.


19. Darren CrissAt first, Lea Michelle seems perturbed about this high octane photobomb from Glee costar Darren Criss, but by the third panel, she’s clearly not mad.


20. Sophia VergaraQuick here she comes, act like you just won an award.


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