16 Things Kate Middleton Did that You May Not Know

I bet every little girl once dreamt of becoming a princess, but being a princess in the real world is not as glamorous as we always think. Kate Middleton is the granddaughter-in-law of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II and as we all know, she can be a pretty demanding woman. Here are 16 things that Kate Middleton did, but the Queen probably hates.


1.Kate Wearing Short Skirts Often

Reportedly, the Queen does not favor short skirts, while Kate Middleton wears them frequently.


2.Kate Got Her Sister A Cushy Job Using The Royals

Reportedly, The Royal family thinks Kate’s sister Pippa was hired as an NBC lifestyle/health features correspondent all because of her access to the Palace and Queen.


3.Kate Not Fulfilling Her Royal Duties Well

When Middleton was sick and lying in bed one morning in 2014, The Queen reportedly told her to get out of bed and “do her duty”.


4.Kate Got Super Into A Wimbledon Match


5.The Queen Hates Kate’s Regular Bum Exposure Most

Apparently Kate was once part of a “naked-bum-photo scandal” and we can guess that this annoyed The Queen more than a little bit!


6.Kate Failing To Keep Her Hair In Order

On occasion Kate has failed to keep her hair neat and tidy. Apparently, The Queen once ordered the Duchess to chop off several inches of her hair.


7.Kate Being Captured On Camera Topless

Kate was captured topless on camera and the photo appeared in a French magazine a few years ago. It’s safe to say that The Queen must have disliked it.


8.Kate Spending Too Much Money

Kate allegedly spent $1 million renovating her countryside estate in Norfolk. The Queen is said to have told her inner-circle that such expense was unnecessary.


9.Kate Likes Wearing Wedges

It’s said that The Queen hates wedges. Reports told that she doesn’t find them befitting of a member of the royal family.


10.Kate Seldom Wears Dress Weights

It’s been learned that there have been orders from Buckingham Palace decreeing that Kate’s wardrobe malfunctions need to stop.


11.Kate Trying To Imitate Diana

Kate follows in the style of Diana in her wardrobe choices, which allegedly made The Queen unhappy. She ordered the Duchess to tone it down and adhere to a strict dress code.


12.Kate Having No Proper Job

The Queen reportedly told her intimate friends that she disapproves of Middleton not having a proper job, opining that the Duchess is more interested in socialising than doing any actual work.


13.Kate Accusing Prince Charles Of Driving A Wedge Between Herself And Prince William

In 2007, Wills and Kate split up for a short period and Kate blamed Charles for the temporary acrimony. The Queen probably felt otherwise.


14.Kate Picking Her Wedding Dress Wrong

During an exhibit of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, Kate picked a wrong wedding dress and The Queen was caught on tape mumbling, “I’m not keen on this. I don’t approve of this.”


15.Kate Rarely Wearing A Pencil Skirt


16.Kate Took The Queen’s Beloved William Away From Her


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