16 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women

Getting old isn’t something that anyone really looks forward to because of things like wrinkles, slower metabolism, and other health problems to mention just a few. Fortunately, you’ve still got your hair though and just because you’re a little older it doesn’t mean you lose your right to have a chic and gorgeous haircut. Here are some key tips that you need to keep in mind when it comes to hair styling. Roll through to check out the haircut ideas that can help to take years off your look.


1. Soften Your Hairstyle

It’s hard enough to suffer through wrinkles, freckles, and other depressing problems as you get older, so to remedy you might consider softening your hairstyle. A lighter color, a fringe, and cute curls that soften your features can all do the trick.


2. Never Be Afraid To Change

Changing your style and updating your look regularly is one way to knock years off. You shouldn’t age yourself by sticking to the same hairstyle for a long time. Chat with your stylist often and get advice to freshen things up by wearing a new hairstyle. For example, you can try shorter hair or a new color. Anything that will give you and your friends a nice surprise.


3. Length Is Still A Fortune

It is a misunderstanding that long hair is no longer an option when you are older because if your hair ages well and is in good shape, it can still have the same effect as when you were young. A gorgeous long hairstyle can distinguish you from others instantly.


4. Don’t Rush Into Anything

Changing hairstyles can be a big thing, especially for older women. You have to take your hair type, face shape, and lifestyle into consideration before you finally decide what you are going to do with your hair. Don’t rush into anything, and consult your friends and a stylist you trust. Whatever fits you is the best. You need to think about the big picture.


5. Layers Are Good To Have

However long or short your hair, face-framing layers will always flatter as long as you marry them up with the right haircut. If you want more movement, like more texture, and long for a stylistic look, go to a salon and get yourself some layers!


6. Add Volume

It is normal that your hair tends to become thinner as you age, so adding volume helps to keep a healthy and youthful look. It’s important to be more careful when choosing the right hair-care products and make sure they can create full-bodied hair. More importantly though, choosing a suitable hairstyle that helps to add body to your locks will make a huge difference.


7. Carefree Style

Remember when you were 20 years old, you got off the bed and hung out with your friends without worrying about your hairstyle? Aging makes you pay more attention to your appearance, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try for an effortless style. Layered bobs and other undone haircuts that enhance movement and have a bouncy effect can lighten up your day and make a big difference.


8. Youthful Hair Is Shiny

Frizzy hair is an issue that becomes inevitable as you age, so it’s essential to tame your frizz. Always remember to blow dry your hair, and use a spray if necessary. Shiny and healthy hair can help you pass for 10 years younger than you really are. You can also hold it back with a ponytail or hairpin to keep your frizzy hair under control.


9. The Right Color

The right color saves you from looking dull. It is better for you to change your hair color as you age. A youthful color is key to keeping your hair dimensional and looking full of vitality. But it is wise to consult your stylist to choose a color that goes with your skin tone and your original hair color.


10. Dare To Go For Bangs

Bangs, no matter full bangs or side-swept bangs, can complement any face shape and are always in style. They are going to make you look younger, yet as sophisticated as ever. Make sure you go to a stylist you trust to make the most of them.


11. Short Cut Is Always In

From cool pixies to a curly crop, super short means super cute. If you find long hair high maintenance, short haircuts are easy to style and won’t ever go out of style. Besides, wearing a short hairstyle prevents you from being dull and can bring out your inner enthusiasm! You are aging, so what?


12. Two Inches Below The Chin Goes A Long Way

If you are more of a person who is into a medium-length hairstyle, two inches below the chin is a good start. It will give you breezy feel and can be elegantly styled. Get yourself some curls and a side bang, and the hairstyle will frame your face, add volume, plus highlight your features. You and your hair need to stick up together against this “getting old” stuff, right?


13. Add A Splash Of Color

If you know how to wear a refreshing hairstyle, highlights and lowlights are what you need. Gray hair or not, some light color and lowlights bring dimension to your locks, brightening your skin tone and giving you a natural look. Dullness is never a problem.


14. Try A Side Part

How to brighten up your face where wrinkles are starting to pop up? A side part hairstyle with some layers could be an option because it can cover the unpleasant lines for you. If you have worn side part for a long time, go for a center-part! After all, youth is all about changing.


15. Simpler To Style Is Key

You may want to steer clear of wearing haircuts that are too shaggy or messy because you may end up looking unkempt if you are not good at handling them. Therefore, a simple shoulder-length straight cut style is all you need for an elegant look.


16. Age Is Nothing But A Number

The easiest, fastest, and the least expensive way to take 20 years off your look is to believe that age shouldn’t determine your hairstyle and that you still have the right to be chic and gorgeous. With that confidence, you will be able to handle any hairstyles you’d like to try.


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