15 Ugly Children Turned To Beautiful Celebrities

Time is a wonderful thing for sometimes it can make a cute and good-looking child star lose its charm while growing up, and never the less, it can turn ugly babies to amazingly beautiful celebrities.
Click through to find out these 15 biggest stars who started off life as ugly babies, and some of them shockingly so.

1. Demi Lovato

Lovato has grown from the Susan Boyle-like baby phase into a poised and beautiful lady that she is today.


2. Matthew Lewis

Many Harry Potter fans have witnessed Matthew Lewis’ transformation from a chubby kid to a handsome star, whose example should give every pre-pubescent boy a little hope.


3. Beyonce

The ugly duckling baby stage of Beyonce with wild curly hair and odd button nose was replaced by a grown-up beautiful lady that we are familiar with now.


4. Kate Hudson

It seems that Kate has worked off her childhood chubbiness, upgraded her hairstyle, and then turned into the beautiful and talented actress that Hollywood loved.


5. Tom Cruise

Just look at this little guy’s teeth and eyebrows. Who could have imagined this awkward boy would grow into one of the most famous stars of all time?!


6. Katie Holmes

We can see from this rare child photo of Katie Holmes that she hasn’t developed her signature goofy but beautiful smile that we are used to seeing on our screens.


7. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett looked like a boy forced to wear a dress by a cruel grandparent in the photo above.


8. Megan Fox

One of the today’s hottest starlets used to have messy eyebrows, crooked teeth and a generic hairdo in high school.


9. Drake Bell

Drake Bell worked his way to loose the extra weight he carried during his childhood to become the super cute and handsome star that we see every day.


10. Taylor Swift

Besides becoming a stunning musician, we are also glad that Taylor Swift managed to find her code of looking good.


11. Josh Peck

Josh Peck sure looks a lot hell sexier after losing the extra weight.


12. Russell Brand

Can you recognize this is the same person?! This sexy comedian surely went through a transformation that included slimming down the chubby cheeks that plague too many childhoods.


13. Halle Berry

Halle Berry definitely took the story of the ugly duckling who grew into a swan to another level!


14. Eminem

Well, the hairstyle is really an important factor in deciding how one looks.


15. Avril Lavigne

This dumb girl with the stupid hair surely has grown into a stunningly beautiful rock princess that we all know of.


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