15 Celebrities With Terrible Teeth

Celebrities are expected to be flawless in every aspect. However, it is, of course, impossible. Here we have 15 celebs who has terrible teeth.


1. Anna Paquin

This “True Blood” actress’ gap between her two front teeth has become part of her signature look.


2. Vanessa Paradis

Vanessa, Johnny Depp’s ex, is well known for her imperfect smile.


3. Gary Busey

This actor’s teeth are so big that we’re pretty sure he could out chew Mike Tyson.


4. Jon Heder

This “Napoleon Dynamite” star has two unusually large front teeth, which unfortunately impart a horse-like appearance.


5. Shane MacGowan

This Pogues’ Frontman is missing or about to lose all of his teeth. Just take a gander at his photo.


6. Victoria Beckham

This style icon and celebrity trendsetter originally had a mouth of teeth that all were of different lengths. Well, Dentistry works miracles.


7. Clint Howard

Though not as famous as his older brother Ron Howard, Clint Howard is remembered for his appearance in Apollo 13 and Backdraft and even more for his toothy grin.


8. Madonna

It pains us to say that the queen of pop also has imperfect teeth with a gap in between her teeth.


9. Ricky Gervais

This famous British comedian has teeth of a little crooked and yellowed, but he makes up for it with his sense of humor.


10. Keira Knightley

Keira always smiles, but several photos clearly show that almost all of her upper teeth are uneven.


11. Johnny Rotten

Johnny Rotten, unfortunately, had some rotting teeth that perfectly fit his name.


12. Steve Buscemi

This great actor has one awful snaggle tooth, and the rest of his mouth is also not pretty.


13. Mike Tyson

Tyson’s gap is widely known, but what kills us is his gold teeth.


14. Amy Winehouse

This English singer and songwriter also had bad teeth. Just take a look at the picture.


15. Georgia May Jagger

Georgia, the daughter of Rolling Stone’s Mick Jagger, also has a little space between her front teeth, but that doesn’t stop her from being on the cover of several editorial magazines.


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