15 Celebrities That You Probably Forgot Committed Serious Crimes

Celebrities aren’t always as perfect as seen on screen. Some committed serious crimes at their early age. These are 15 celebrities who have committed crimes ranging from attempted murder to smuggling drugs.

1.Mark Wahlberg

One of Boston’s greatest exports has a long history with breaking the law. In his youth, he quickly became addicted to cocaine and other substances. By Age 13, Wahlberg had been to the Boston Police Department around two dozen times. At 15, he was involved in a civil suit for harassing a classmate by throwing rocks and shouting racial slurs.


2.Tim Allen

Before this wholesome actor’s acting career started, Tim Alen was caught for carrying 650 grams of cocaine. He pled guilty to drug trafficking and spent two years in jail, of what could have been a lifetime sentence.
Allen was arrested again in 1997 in Michigan for DUI, recorded as having a 0.15% blood-alcohol content (BAC), for which he only received one-year probation.



He’s since cleaned up his act; he was accused of serious crime but before Bey and Blue. In 1999, he was arrested for attempting murder of New York record executive, Lance Rivera.
Supposedly, Rivera contraband Jay’s record Vol. 3 and the rapper was not enthused about the ordeal, but also stabbed him in the stomach. Jay was ordered three years of ordeal for the attack.


4.Charlie Sheen

Alright, we didn’t forget about Charlie’s recent public meltdown and string of arrests. In 1998, Sheen overdosed while using cocaine, entered a rehab clinic and was even on probation for drug offense.
In 2009, he was jailed for assaulting his third wife and one year later he pled guilty to misdemeanor assault again. In 2010, he was violently removed from a hotel room for damaging the property during a substance induced rampage.


5.Bill Gates

Billionaire Bill Gates is well distinguished for his charitable contributions, but there was a time he had a certain thrill for breaking the law.
He had a demand for speed and in 1975 he was arrested for speeding and driving without a license in his Porsche 911.


6.Hugh Grant

While Staying in Los Angeles to sell his newest upcoming movie, Nine Months, Hugh Grant was arrested for joining in oral sex in public with a Hollywood prostitute.
He appealed no contest and was fined $1,180, placed on two years’ summary ordeal, and was ordered to achieve an AIDS education program by Robert J. Sandoval.


7.Robert Downey Jr.

From 1996 through 2001, Downey, who claims to have had been addicted to drugs since he was 8 years old, has been arrested various times on drug charges and had been through almost as many rehab programs, unsuccessfully.
After one such rehab program failures, he described to a judge that “It’s like I’ve got a shotgun in my mouth with my finger on the trigger, and I like the taste of the gun metal.”


8.R. Kelly

The artist has been charged for more than one offense. In 1997 the “Ignition” rapper was indicted with battery and sexual abuse. One year later in 1998, he was adjudged of disorderly conduct.
That wasn’t enough for the performer though, because in 2003 he was arrested again for having sex with an underage girl, but the charges against him were dropped.


9.Kobe Bryant

In 2003 Bryant was arrested relating to an investigation of a sexual assault complaint charged by a hotel employee of The Lodge and Spa at Cordillera in Eagle County.
The 19-year-old accuser claimed that Bryant raped her in his hotel room the night before he had to undergo knee surgery.


10.O.J. Simpson

Nobody could forget that in the former athlete was the main suspect in his ex-wife’s murder. The car chase, media circus, and final acquittal shocked the world.
In 2001, he was arrested for drug hold and money laundering. Then, in 2007, he was taken into custody for robbing a Las Vegas casino and for kidnapping charges.


11.Ozzy Osbourne

It’s known the English singer has struggled with drugs and alcohol addiction. In 1982 the musician was arrested in San Antonio, Texas for being drunk in public, disorderly conduct, and for peeing on a memorial commemorating those who perished at the Alamo.
He was then arrested again for public intoxication in Memphis, Tennessee.


12.Christian Slater

This guy’s no saint. In 1989 he was charged with drunk driving and assault. In 1994, he was found guilty of attempting to board a plane with a gun. In 1997, his addiction to drugs and alcohol surfaced and the assault on his then girlfriend came to light.
We all thought this young star would have a lengthy career, but it seems he can’t defeat his demons.


13.Mike Tyson

The boxer had to reclaim his heavyweight boxing championship after it was stripped when he was arrested and condemned of raping Miss Black Rhode Island, Desiree Washington. It was because of his arrest that he was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.
Now, the former athlete has been occupied appearing in the Hangover franchises and tending to his pigeons.


14.Will Smith

The now squeaky clean and honored actor was previously arrested for assaulting a man and leaving him almost blind in 1989. Smith was charged on several accounts for the incident. He spent one night in jail and described it as the “worst night of his life.”
The talented entertainer and family man hasn’t had any more brushes with the law, but we were still shocked his argument nearly left the other guy blind.


15.50 Cent

The rapper Curtis Jackson, a.k.a. 50 cent has been on the news lately for filing for bankruptcy, but he one doesn’t get jail time for lacking money.
In 1994, he was busted for selling vials of cocaine to an undercover police officer. He was also charged with possession of crack, heroin, and a starter’s pistol, all within weeks of his first arrest.


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