14 Surprising Things Banana Peels Can Do For You

Acne Remover


Can a banana peels do this? Sure thing! Cut a small piece of banana peel and rub it on your acne with the inner part twice a day. Acne will disappear without any scarring over the course of a few days. But remember to select a yellow or brown one instead of green. It’s important because the yellow one has the acne-killing power that a green one doesn’t.

Shoe Polisher


Dislike the chemical smell of shoe polish? Why not try banana peels?Banana peels can provide natural herbal oil for your leather shoes without any annoying smell. Use the inner side of a banana peel to spread over your leather shoe and wipe it with a soft cloth, it’s a beautifully simple solution.



One of the most familiar ways to dispose the scraps of a banana is to compost. Decayed vegetable wastes are really the best natural fertilizer for your growing plants and vegetables. Banana peels are rich in the nutrition that your plants crave! The other way to make a banana-peel-fertilizer is to dry them in the sun. Grind the dried-peel or just add it directly into the soil, giving the plants a natural boost.

Teeth Whitener


Banana peels can sparkle teeth? Well there’s too much exaggeration. But sticking to use the inner side of banana peel to rub your teeth can benefit a lot. The salicylic acid and citric acid retained in the banana peel can help to remove the surface stains of teeth. It is a better way to protect tooth enamel than using chemicals, which can also save you a great amount of money.

Ripen Fruit


Bananas are one of the best green fruit ripening aids. Bananas release ethylene gas, which is the main cause for speeding up fruit-ripening, especially if you have a bunch of bananas working together. Keep a bunch of yellow bananas together with other green fruit for hours to see the effects of the acceleration.

For Eating


According to MTIMES, eating banana peels are extremely healthy for your body. Eating banana peel is not eccentric at all. In the eastern part of India, banana peels are used to make daily dishes and dessert. In Dr Paul Haider’s opinion, banana peels are rich in fiber that can both help you control weight as well as lower cholesterol. It’s important to remember though to scrape off the wax or pesticide before you eat. Time to try a banana peel smoothie?

Animals Feeding


Human beings are not the only species that love bananas. In the process of eating bananas, we always take the leftover banana peels as trash. However, banana peels can be used for livestock feeding such as rabbits, chicken, piggies. Banana peels contains large amounts of vitamins, magnesium, potassium as well as fiber and protein. On the farm, the cost of animal feed can be cut down when corn is replaced with banana peels.

Soothe Itching Skin


When summer comes, it is more likely for us to get bug bites or scratches from poison herbs. One of the best natural remedies however are the peels of bananas. Rub the inner side of a banana peel onto the inflammed area and it can help you reduce the painful sensation. But remember it can only reduce some of the redness or itching. If you get a serious bump, do not hesitate to get professional treatment.

Fly Trapper


Everyone hates flies, especially when they are hanging around in your kitchen and pick a place to settle down on your favorite food. Swatting flies needs an agile body and good eyesight, but even then the battle usually ends in failure. Instead, why don’t you try to build a trapper? Get a big jar or other container with a lid. Poke the lid with nail and hammer in order to get a few holes on the lid. Put your banana peels in the jar and get the lid on and over. Place your trap in your kitchen and the flies will be attracted and go through into the jar without a road back.

Face Moisture


Banana peels have the ability to moisten your facial skin. For most women, maintaining a  hydrated glowing complexion is a permanent pursuit. Luckily, banana peels can help! Scratch the inner part of a banana peel and spread it all over your face for 10 minutes before washing your face with clean water. Wrinkles will be lifted away and your skin will be smoother.



Expand your imagination. How can a banana become an interesting artwork more than just a fruit. Try to create your own artwork.

Warts Remover


Not only acne can be cured by banana peels, warts too! Banana peel is the best natural softener for warts. The inner part of the banana peel is responsible for softening warts. Apply it to your warts everyday, if possible. After few days the warts will either fall off or get smaller and smaller.



Don’t underestimate bananas. It can relieve your depressed emotion when you are down. According to medical research, banana contains hydroxytryptamine which is thought to produce relaxation and contentment. A sense of happiness is so important in our life, so trying bananas when experiencing some mild depression Is definitely worth a try.

Silver Polisher


Getting rid of the rust on silverware bothers a lot of people. Well it may surprise you that banana peels can help here too. Put some banana peels and water together into a blender to make a paste. Scrub your silverware with a tooth paste or a cloth softly. Use another cloth to wipe dry. Your silverware will look like new afterwards!

Starting use banana peels by now 🙂


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