10 Signs a Girl is Attracted to You at the Bar

There is a good chance that you’ve experienced that moment where you lock eyes with a hot girl at the bar more than just a few times. However, you may hesitate to make a move as you don’t want to seem creepy. Luckily, we have your back. Read on to find the following 10 not-so-subtle signals that she is attracted to you too.


1. She goes to the washroom to freshen up

The girl disappears after you’ve noticed her observing you? Well it’s likely that she’s run into the washroom to fix her makeup. If she comes back with red-hot lips or her hair let down, she must have done that on purpose. Her intention is quite clear: She wants to be approached.


2. She dances in your area

If it is a bar where you can dance, go out on the dance floor. If she’s into you, she will follow, pretending to dance her way over to you nonchalantly. Her besties may also dance around you strategically, so that they can check your reaction.


3. She sends a spy to talk with your buddy

Her friend approaches your buddy while she is distance away? It’s probable that her friend is there to dig up some details on you. Once her friend goes back, double check this with your buddy before you make the next move.


4. She asks the bartender to send you a drink

This may be the boldest action a girl can take to convey attraction to you. It is time that you should step up. Act like a man!


5. She sits up a bit

When she notices you’re looking at her, she might sit up straight, start a lip bite or even begin to play with her hair. These subtle moves are her ways of flirting from a distance. She wants to make sure she looks presentable and seductive.


6. She locks eyes with you

Eye contact can build a connection without words. If she seems to be looking in your direction repeatedly, without seeming to pay too much attention, this is not an accident. She is interested in you!


7. She smiles at you

A smile is definitely a positive message. It’s a more obvious hint than a simple glance. Come on! Buy her a drink or try to dance with her. Don’t hesitate when love comes knocking at your door!!!


8. She leaves her girlfriends behind, sitting at the bar alone

She may be doing so to make herself more approachable. To be on the safe side, though, look for other signs that she would welcome a conversation. If she is looking around or perhaps even eyeing you, it is the perfect time to talk to her.


9. She has her girlfriends check you out

If her sisters are glancing at you frequently, whispering with smiles, it’s a sure bet she has voiced her interest in you. Now she’s listening to their opinions. It’s your turn to make the next move.


10. She has someone give you her number

This one needs no explanation. No doubt that she’s attracted to you! Go talk to her before she flees and let her know you’ll call.


This Friday, pick up a girl that really catches your attention at a bar!