10 Best Celebrity Pranks Of All Time, I’ve Giggled Uproariously For Hours On End

Sometimes, celebrities can be as childish as the rest of us, and mind you, some of their pranks are really, really creative. Here are 10 best celebrity pranks of all time. They have made me laugh or giggle uproariously for hours on end.

1.Jennifer Lawrence Pranked By Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper

These three co-starred in film “American Hustle”. Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale pulled a prank on Jennifer Lawrence while they were shooting a scene in a graveyard in Boston. She screamed when she saw a tombstone with her name on it and the inscription, “Born August 15, 1890. Died April 1, 1913” – the same date of her birth, minus 100 years and of course, the date of death is on April Fool’s.


2.George Clooney Pranked By Brad Pitt

George Clooney and Brad Pitt are always going neck and neck with each other in pulling pranks. When they were shooting film Ocean’s Twelve in Italy, Brad Pitt sent out a notepaper to the Italian crew claiming that George Clooney required to be called “Mr. Ocean” anytime and that any eye contact with him was not allowed. George retaliated by placing a “small penis on board” bumper sticker on Brad’s car. These two men are very actually naughty boys!


3.Jennifer Lawrence Pranked By Josh Hutcherson

During the filming of The Hunger Games, Josh Hutcherson placed an “all swollen and gnarly-looking and mangled” fake corpse inside the bathroom of Jennifer Lawrence’s trailer. Poor Jennifer was scared to scream and pee her pants.


4.Julia Roberts Pranked By Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks a seems gentle guy can pull off pranks that are just plain delightful. While he was filming “Larry Crowne” with Julia Roberts, he noticed that the actress loved to knit in between takes. He decided to order secretly a bunch of knitting needles and yarn and asked the single ones in the cast and crew learn the basics of the craft. When Julia arrived on the set, every single person was knitting to their hearts’ content, which is much to her sheer delight.


5.Jennifer Aniston Pranked By Jason Sudeikis

When movie “We’re The Millers” first came out, I enjoyed it very much. But the bloopers and a prank on Jennifer in it made me unpleasant. While Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis were sitting inside an RV, the scene called for the song “Waterfalls” by TLC to play. However, “I’ll Be There For You”, the theme song from Friends, began playing, which confused and surprised the actress.


6.Sean Penn Pranked By Woody Harrelson & Nick Nolte

Woody Harrelson, Sean Penn and Nick Nolte were involved in a full-blown prank war while they were filming “The Thin Red Line”. Nick called Sean at midnight, begging him to bail him out of jail. Sean, who is a good buddy, went to the police station, finding Nick cuffed to a holding cell. When he walked up to Nick, he was shocked to hear a gunshot and see an “officer” pointing a gun towards him. By the time Sean came to reason, he had realized that the officer was Woody and that everything was just a prank.


7.Multiple Celebrities Pranked By Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt’s such a big prankster. His biggest prank was pulled in 1999, during the whole hoopla about Y2K = end of the world. Making use of people’s Y2K fears, he rented out a Mexican vacationland and invited all of his friends to welcome the new millennium together. With his friends being kept in the dark, he bribed the Mexican government to shut off the phone lines and all the power when the clock struck twelve. After the lights went back on, government officials carrying AK-47’s burst into the resort and arrested one of his friends on “drug charges”.


8.Paparazzi Pranked By Daniel Radcliffe

Considering that he’s Harry Potter, the paparazzi always waited around for Daniel Radcliffe to come out. To piss them off, Daniel wore the same outfit for five months. By doing this, the paps wouldn’t be able to make money off of his image, and Daniel got the last laugh.


9.Justin Timberlake Pranked By Ashton Kutcher

Ashton once convinced Justin that his property, all of his belongings, and his beloved dogs were going to be seized by the government due to his unpaid taxes. Justin reacted by tearing up and panicking. Who wouldn’t react so if somebody told you that the darn government’s taking your pets away because of taxes?


10.Keith Urban Pranked By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift once toured with Keith Urban as a country star. On the last night of their tour, Taylor was determined to highjack Keith’s set in full KISS make-up along with other country stars in their band. As a professional, Keith went on with his set without skipping or missing his lines and riffs and left the pranksters jumping around the stage like clowns until he finished his set like a boss.


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