10 Actors/ Actresses That You Don’t Know Were Professional Athletes

Being an athlete is a lifelong thing. You just can’t quit the feeling of being surrounded by thousands of audience. So, some of the professional athletes choose to be actor after they step outside the arena. By doing this, they will forever become the focus of everyone’s attention.

#1. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

The Rock has a legendary father who wrestled professionally as Rocky Johnson, but he did not give Dwayne enough care. After the “troubled kid” phase, The Rock joined the University of Miami’s Championship team and played briefly in the Canadian Football League before turning to professional wrestling.

#2. Terry Crews

Surprisingly, this MR. Muscle, Crew’s first love was neither football nor acting, but art… Before earning his football scholarship to Western Michigan University as a defensive end, he earned an art scholarship. After retiring from professional football in 1997, Crews went to LA pursuing his acting career.

#3. Jason Lee

Jason Lee is famous for his role on the NBC comedy “My Name Is Earl”. And before this, he was a successful professional skateboarder and extreme sports entrepreneur.

#4. Stacy Keibler

Before performing in several TV series and reality shows, Keibler was a super wrestler for the World Wrestling Federation. But the thing really made her famous was her dating with George Clooney.

#5. Michael Jordan

Michael might be the greatest professional basketball player of all time (Of course, we still got Kobe and James), but his acting career is limited to one memorable movie, Space Jam. I guess flying on the screen is just too easy for him.


#6. Chuck Norris

We all know this Internet meme “Chuck Norris doesn’t cut butter with a knife, he cuts a knife with a butter”. Also, we know Chuck as a Bruce Lee victim and chest hair legend…But Chuck was a real-life championship Karate athlete. After playing the villain role in Lee’s film “Return of the Dragon” in 1972, Chuck’s career began to rocket.

#7. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Jabbar fought Bruce Lee in the film “Game of Death” and played himself in the deadpan comedy Airplane. His basketball player role just outshined his acting career.

#8. Jason Statham

Can you expect a young and cute diving lad transforms to a bone crusher? Yes, Jason is an example. He was a member of the British National Diving Squad for twelve years before becoming an ultimate movie tough guy.


#9. Bruce Lee

The world known martial arts icon, Bruce Lee, started acting when he was still a child. But after he battled with local gangs in China, he began to study Yong Chun, a famous old battle skill. He became the martial art icon before his early death at 32.

#10. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Before his role in James Cameron’s “The Terminator”, Arnold was a professional bodybuilder. After he won his career in the acting world, he shocked us by becoming Governor of California. This man just crushed all.